Learn about the main four psychic clair senses to help you connect with Heaven, the Spirit World, and the Other Side.  
​Take that one step further and use those senses to read the Tarot!

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Tarot Card Meanings

   My Spirit team has been communicating with me through my etheric clair channels throughout the course of my entire life.  Everyone has this ability since these etheric channels reside within all souls.   The unseen senses are one of the many ways that Spirit can communicate with you.  My soul, mind, and body has been an extraordinary vessel of psychic communication without the use of any other device. 

This is a physical world with an enormous coating of thick density that acts as a wall between this world and the next.  Earthly distractions, erratic emotions, and physical pleasures can block or dim the communication line with Spirit.  There might be moments when your vibration is not as high as it could be.  The Divine messages coming through are not loud enough, or your ego steps in to second guess what’s relayed.  This is where the Tarot or any Oracle for that matter can be of benefit. 

The Tarot is an extension of myself when seeking to expand or confirm what’s coming through.  I throw down a card and flip it over only to find that the message is the one my Spirit team had informed me about.  I use the Tarot partially to confirm information I’m picking up on and because it’s fun to play with.  It’s like someone who loves playing Blackjack or any other fun card games.  I find the Tarot equally enjoyable and entertaining.  It is also a way for me to have a phone call with my Spirit team on the other side when the supplementary ways they communicate are not coming in clear enough.  This is no different than what anyone can do when you tune in to everything that is outside of the physical concrete world that distracts you. 

All souls are born with etheric gifts of communication that vary from one person to the next.   There are four primary clairs (clear) called Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairaudience (clear hearing), and Claircognizance (clear knowing). 

Everyone has one or two dominate clairs as the primary means of communicating with Spirit.  

Clairaudience and Claircognizance have been my dominate clear channels with my Spirit team since birth.  This is followed by strong degrees of Clairsentience and a good measure of Clairvoyance.  These are some of the channels I use to communicate with my Spirit team.  The way I communicate with Spirit isn’t any different than what every soul on the planet is capable of when they tune in to their extra sensory perception and all that is beyond the physical world distractions.  Heaven is communicating with you through your clair channels as well as through signs, symbols, numbers, and the various divination tools that exist such as the Tarot.    

Every soul on the planet picks up on psychic information regardless if they believe in a higher power or not.   It is present and at their disposal.  If someone is not aware of this Heavenly connection, then they are experiencing what is called a block.  There are many souls who are not in tune to the vibrations from beyond, and the communication line is non-existent within them.  They can awaken their spiritual sight by doing the work it takes to make that happen.

Every soul on the planet also has one Spirit Guide and one Guardian Angel that assists you along your Earthly journey here.  They are what makes up your Spirit team.  If someone has been working with Heaven (a.k.a. the Other Side, Spirit World) regularly, or has large life purposes that need extra support, then they may have more than one guide and angel around them. 

Your Spirit team is communicating with you daily whether you are aware of it or not.  They will communicate with you through one or more of your clair channels.  Pay attention to your clair senses in order to pick up on the messages and guidance filtering through you from God, a higher power, your higher self, universe, heaven, your guides, angels, or whoever you’re comfortable with calling it.  In the end, the messages and guidance are coming in from beyond the physical materialistic distracting world known as the Earthly life. 

Having crystal clear communication with your Spirit team can assist you with your Tarot readings.  Tarot is a great divination tool to help you in picking up on what is being relayed.  This is especially helpful if your clair channels have dimmed, you’re second guessing the guidance, or you feel you’re not picking up on anything.

There are endless messages that can come through from staring at any image, let alone a Tarot card.  If you have an attraction to art or a painting, and find yourself picking up on what’s unsaid and getting lost in the caverns of it, then you’re that much closer to being able to efficiently and adequately reading a Tarot card.  

I’ve met CEO’s who won’t make a decision without connecting with the Tarot.  Anyone can consult with the cards regardless of what position you hold in life.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, doctor, surfer, receptionist, garbage man, plumber, or politician.  The Tarot is an exceptional communication device to receive messages, wisdom, and guidance from your Spirit team for any human soul on the planet. 

The brilliance of the Tarot is that it’s for anyone who has a passion for the cards.  There are endless varying takes of the meanings of Tarot cards in a reading that one tried or true way doesn’t exist.  When you feel confident enough with the cards, then you’ll have your own methods that work. 

I’ve always found the Tarot to be an excellent divination tool from which to confirm messages with my own Spirit team whenever I felt the incoming messages to be hazy or unclear.  Spirit would then guide me to the right Tarot card to flip over so I could see or confirm what they wanted me to know through a card.  Spirit communicates through symbols and signs as well as other means that can get your attention.  Since the Tarot is ripe with symbolism, this is a great way for them to relay particular messages to you.

Diving into the worlds of the Tarot can take a lifetime of endless study.  When you enjoy what you’re immersing yourself into, then it ends up being a gratifying experience.