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The Near-Death Experience


I was seeing deceased spirits from as early as four years old.  That's the age I can actually remember it in motion, but I know it was going on as soon as I was born here.   I could clairaudiently hear the voices of spirit through my left ear loud and clear since I was a child.  That's where my faith came from, because I would also hear things from these people's voices in my psychic ear that we're going to happen, and then they would.   It was in the details of things that there was no way I could possibly know that made and kept me a believer of a place beyond this.  It's been like that throughout my life, but it was the near-death experience I had on November 22, 2010 that catapulted everything upwards.  That was the transition where I was told to start teaching and writing about all of this stuff.   I had no interest before that moment even though it had been mentioned by my team over the years, but I would brush it off.  I didn't care or have an interest to at all.  A week after the near-death experience on November 29, 2010 my father passed away suddenly.  That released the metaphorical shackles that I didn't know were clamped to my wrists and ankles.  I saw and heard them breaking open.  It all cracked open after that and I was never the same again.  That whole month of November 2010 was life changing.  My Spirit team was orchestrating all of this.  Those around me have pointed out noticing the dramatic shift around that time, but said they weren't surprised that I was finally talking about it publicly in my work.  They knew about it from knowing me, but it wasn't anything I wanted to write about before that moment.

Kevin Hunter


A Practical Motivational Guide to Spirituality Series


Let more Light into your life with the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series collection of books.  Each cover a variety of distinctive themes connected to the spiritual to the practical interwoven and back around again in a manner that is understood and palatable.   This is from psychic spirit team heaven communication, the soul’s consciousness and purpose, manifesting fearless assertive confidence, balancing the body, mind, and soul, increasing prayer with faith for an abundant life, and universal, physical, spiritual and soul love.

One of the things to remember when channeling energy in a positive direction is to avoid getting caught up in the grips of fear.  Fear energy is one of the most dangerous energies ever attributed to humankind.  It has been amazingly excessive for centuries that it triggers all sorts of destruction on the planet and on each other.   From the perspective of an angel, you can imagine what that looks like seeing comets darted around like a tennis ball getting everyone nowhere. 

Fear and worry plague the planet to an unhealthy degree causing it to expand and shoot out into the universe only to dart right back down like a boomerang in an explosion.  The fear and worry energy has been especially magnified due to how quickly information is transmitted through the media and online. This fear originates within all of the individual souls on Earth and multiplies creating a fire that burns and destroys everything in its wake.   Fear and worry do nothing to help anyone.

​Fear is one of the soul’s worst enemies. It is the reason the planet is plagued with interpersonal and global battles. Fear is responsible for preventing you from achieving and conquering your purpose. Living in a space of fear is what blocks you from moving forward. Opportunities are lost due to fear because it ensures you remain paralyzed causing you to cower and hide from going after what you desire. 

Fear stalls humanity from evolving as witnessed in the centuries of evolution on the planet.  While progress continues to be made in diminutive trickles, improvement still moves at a glacial rate thanks to humanities fear. It should not take hundreds of years to advance in the tiniest steps despite taking what we can get. This is due to individual fear resisting against changing their perception and awakening their consciousness. Finding the space of love and respect is challenging for the mediocre mind. Training every breathing organism to snap out of it takes an army of lights to do their part. Extricate fear from your aura and become unstoppable.

​From the book, "Transcending Utopia"

​All of the Warrior of Light books are infused with practical messages and guidance that my Spirit team has taught and shared with me revolving around many different topics.  The main goal is to fine tune your soul, which subsequently improves humanity at the same time.  You are a Divine communicator and perfectly adjusted and capable of receiving messages from Heaven.  This is for your benefit in order to live a happier, richer life.  It is your individual responsibility to respect yourself and this planet while on your journey here. 

The messages and information enclosed in this and in all of the Warrior of Light books may be in my own words, but they do not come from me.  They come from God, the Holy Spirit, my Spirit team of guides, angels and sometimes certain Archangels and Saints.  I am merely the liaison or messenger in delivering and interpreting the intentions of what they wish to communicate.  They love that I talk about them and share this stuff as it gets other people to work with them too!  

There is one main hierarchy Saint who works with me leading the pack.  His name is Nathaniel.  He can be brutally truthful and forceful, as he does not mince words.  There may be topics my books that might bother you or make you uncomfortable.  He asks that you examine the underlying cause of this discomfort and come to terms with the fear that is attached to it.  He cuts right to the heart of humanity without apology.  I have learned quite a bit from him while adopting his ideology, which is Heaven’s as a whole.

I am one with the Holy Spirit and have many Spirit Guides and Angels around me.  As my connections to the other side grew to be daily over the course of my life, more of them joined in behind the others.  I have seen, sensed, heard, and been privy to the dozens of magnificent lights that crowd around me on occasion. 

The purpose of the Warrior of Light books are to empower you and help you to improve yourself, your life, and humanity as a whole.  It does not matter if you are a beginner or well versed in the subject matter.  There may be something in the Warrior of Light books that reminds you of something you already know or something that you were unaware of.  We all have much to share with one another, as we are all one in the end.  All of the Warrior of Light books contain information and directions on how to reach the place where you can be a fine tuned instrument to receive messages from your own Spirit team. 

Some of my personal stories are infused in the books in order for you to live vicariously on how it works effectively for me.  With some of my methods I hope that you gain insight, knowledge, or inspiration out of it.  It may prompt you to recall incidents where you were receiving divine messages in your own life.  There are helpful ways that you can improve your existence and have a connection with Heaven throughout the books. Doing so will greatly transform yourself in all ways allowing you to attract wonderful circumstances at higher levels and live a happier more content life.

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Stay Centered Psychic Warrior debuted at #1 in Prophecies, #2 in ESP, #2 in Out-of-Body Experiences, #4 in Near-Death Experiences, and #6 in Parapsychology.


Infuse permanent love energy on the planet. 

Have them bathe in it.

​​I grew up in poverty in a violent home that led my consciousness to split apart.   As a result, I developed severe social anxiety that was hidden behind a rough rebellious exterior by the time I was a teenager.  To cope with the abuse and the spirit communication that never quieted down, I ended up suppressing it by escaping and resorting to an addiction to alcohol, drugs, pills, sex, and cigarettes before I was twenty-one.   

​The one saving grace that never wavered throughout my childhood nightmare was my ferociously strong faith and angelic like compassion that hid behind a strong forthright ambitious exterior.   I've had the ability early on to see behind the self and communicate efficiently with God and a team of guides that have stood with me since I was a child.    This was my winning card that I began to utilize to help me get cleaned up, transform my life, and focused on my purpose.   Now I offer others Divine guidance, messages, and information in my books that can help others looking to transform their life and walk in the path of the Light instead of the Darkness.

I've continuously credited God and my Spirit team for helping me stay on the right path and getting me cleaned up from addictions.  They helped me his turn my life around and become a hugely sought after name behind the scenes in the film  business by the time I was the early age of 23.​  My work history and film and book credits are extensive and impressive for someone that society would consider disposable.   This is your life and you have to shout it from the rooftops.  

​Today I'm known as a metaphysical spiritual expert with dozens of books and thousands of pages of Divinely guided text that have been helping readers from all corners of the globe.  I receive notes from people in Ireland to Turkey to Japan and all over.  It always shocks me that someone in a far off land has stumbled upon one of my books and ended up loving it.  I know that God is working through me to be a blessing to others this way.  I wish I had someone like me when I was growing up, so I learned to become that person I wish I had through the miracles of Spirit.

There are over 500 incoming testimonials on my testimonial page that reveal samples of the many people that have been taken by my work.   My books cover many topics that if you're battling something, you may find the answer, guidance, or more information in one of them.  Whether you're battling mental health issues, looking to find a love relationship or improve your work life,  to having a closer relationship with God, to developing your own psychic clair sense channel and deciphering what is a Divine message or not, then those answers will be in one of my books.   

​My work is non-denominational, which means my readers are literally from all walks of life, regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and on and on.  Because no one is exempt from struggles in this life. 

Blessings will not come without a long running struggle.   Some of the most successful people weren’t handed great things, but had to endure a tough struggling stage that was pulverizing them in the process.  No matter how hard that weight was on their back, they continued on because they saw no other way.  Giving up and throwing in the towel was not an option.  One of the many sad realistic things I've seen are those at the end of their lives expressing regret that they never did something that was always on their mind to do.  Maybe they ignored that Divine hit that continuously pinched their side never leaving their mind throughout the years and decades that passed.   Maybe they easily discarded a potential love interest or partnership that was placed in their path for a reason.  Maybe they said no to things they should've said yes to.  If you're waiting for certain things to change such as life getting better, easier, or cheaper, then you'll be waiting forever unless you get started right away.  If you don’t do it now, then you’ll never do it.  Excuses are a delay tactic infused by the Darkness.   Its goal is to see you stay forever stuck.  It's never too late to give the Devil the biggest black eye by getting out there and conquering your life today - Kevin Hunter

The books contain a mixture of the practical with the spiritual.  If you're struggling with an issue, the answer may likely be in one of the books.  The greatest goal is to help each soul grow, change, transform, and evolve while achieving the practical necessities you desire.  The more souls grow as a collective, then the closer to peace and further away from discord humanity will be.  It is up to each individual to do their part.  You can't rely on someone else to do it for you.

     Is Heaven for real? The answer is yes. I know this because I’ve seen it on more occasions than I can recount.  I’ve experienced it and been taken through it. I blink my eyes and the various images and messages of the spirit world flash in front of me without warning and then evaporate.  From the moment I was born, I had one foot in the physical world and the other foot in the world where I came from. It’s nothing like the statues of religious icons and imagery that human souls have developed over the centuries. Those images are cute and beautiful. It gives human souls hope and faith that there is something more than the struggling lives you might be currently living, but it’s nothing like that in Heaven.

I’ve relayed descriptions of the other side sprinkled through several of my books. From my Near Death Experience that cracked my portal open and shifted me down a holier path in “Reaching for the Warrior Within”, to the process your soul endures as it crosses over in “Warrior of Light”, to the differences between the souls in Heaven with those on Earth in “Empowering Spirit Wisdom”, and to the layered incomprehensible magical paradise of life in Heaven in the “Realm of the Wise One”. There is something else beyond this dimension and I’ve been experiencing it throughout this current life. The glimpses they continue to give me while I’m here remind me of what’s important and to ignore the cattle and noise of the human ego in the souls demanding attention. In comparison, the other world makes life on Earth trivial, preposterous and more accurately aligned with Hell.  Yet, there are glimpses of Heaven in its rarity attempting to shine its way through the thick thud of the aura of the state of the human body. If only human souls could keep it there full time. What a peaceful world this planet would be!

A teenager punk rocking drug user covered in tattoos might make one believe they have no purpose, but don’t be fooled by their choices or form of personal self-expression at first glance.  Strip away the external costume one chooses to wear this lifetime to peer into the soul’s truth.  Eradicate the labels burdened upon oneself such as black, white, gay, straight, male, female, liberal, conservative, and so on.  Labeling confines you to a box and gives the illusion you have an identity, but when you limit and restrict yourself with a label, then you risk losing your soul’s uniqueness.  One of the goals of the human ego is to box you in, repress, limit, impede, and hold you down.  It throws you in the passenger seat with blinders on and drives you over dangerous roads with speed bumps and traffic spikes.  In that space you’re unable to penetrate through any surface intended to expose reality. - Kevin Hunter

What are you passionate about? 

What drives you while simultaneously giving you pleasure?  Because this is connected to your life purpose.

Books that Empower, Enlighten, Educate, and Entertain!


Clairaudient, Claircognizant

Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Telepathic.

The Modern Day Philosopher, Love Expert, Love Addict, Medium, Sage, Direct Truth Telling Wise One, Physically Active Bohemian Beach Bum, Brother  and Faithful Warrior of Light. ​ 


A Psychic Medium's Trip Through the Darkness and Light of the Physical and Spirit Worlds, and Other Paranormal Phenomena

Getting into the metaphysical spiritual fields wasn't something that I found a growing interest in.  Because the interest has always been there since early childhood due to the prevalent psychic experiences I was having as soon as I was coherent.  It's not like I woke up one day and decided to get into metaphysics.  I was always into it and otherworldly moving about through childhood and into my teenager years.  It felt like I was walking in between different worlds as if on some psychedelic trip, but this was without any mind altering substances.  This has always been my reality, which as you can imagine has brought on difficulties navigating between the physical world and the other worlds.   Luckily there was another part of me that was also extremely practical and aware of the nature of surviving the physical life.  I learned early on how to combine the two which isn't an easy thing to do.  It's definitely given me an advantage of understanding all sides enough to write about it.  This is partially why I talk about both in my work and sometimes blending it.   Write what you know.

Writing from this spot ain't bad!

Kevin Hunter is a best selling author in the areas of metaphysical, spirituality, philosophy, self-help and parapsychology.  Dozens of books for people from all walks of life to assist the soul on its Earthly journey.   Just as your body needs physical food to survive, your soul needs spiritual food for well-being nourishment.