"Realm of the Wise One"

The new book by Kevin Hunter available in paperback and kindle

In the Spirit Worlds and the dimensions that exist, reside numerous kingdoms that house a plethora of Spirits that inhabit various forms. One of these tribes is called the Wise Ones, a darker breed in the spirit realm who often chooses to incarnate into a human body one lifetime after another for important purposes.

The Realm of the Wise One takes you on a magical journey to the spirit world where the Wise Ones dwell. This is followed with in-depth and detailed information on how to recognize a human soul who has incarnated from the Wise One Realm.

Author, Kevin Hunter, is a Wise One who uses the knowledge passed onto him by his Spirit team of Guides and Angels to relay the wisdom surrounding all things Wise One. He discusses the traits, purposes, gifts, roles, and personalities among other things that make up someone who is a Wise One.

Wise Ones have come in the guises of teachers, shaman, leaders, hunters, mediums, entertainers and others. Realm of the Wise One is an informational guide devoted to the tribe of the Wise Ones, both in human form and on the other side.

Is Heaven for real? The answer is yes. I know this because I’ve seen it on more occasions than I can recount. I’ve experienced it and been taken through it. I blink my eyes and the various images and messages of the spirit world flash in front of me without warning and then evaporate. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. From the moment I was born, I had one foot in the physical world and the other foot in the world where I came here from. It’s nothing like the statues of religious icons and imagery that human souls have developed over the centuries. Those images are cute and beautiful. It gives human souls hope and faith that there is something more than the struggling lives you might be currently living. It’s nothing like that over there. I’ve relayed descriptions of the other side sprinkled through several of my books. From my Near Death Experience that cracked my portal open and shifted me down a holier path in “Reaching for the Warrior Within”, to the process your soul endures as it crosses over in “Warrior of Light”, to the differences between the souls in Heaven with those on Earth in “Empowering Spirit Wisdom”, and to the layered incomprehensible magical paradise of life in Heaven in my new book coming this October in the “Realm of the Wise One”. There is something else beyond this dimension and I’ve been experiencing it throughout this current life. The glimpses they continue to give me while I’m here remind me of what’s important and to ignore the cattle and noise of the human ego in the souls demanding attention. In comparison, the other world makes life on Earth trivial, preposterous and more accurately aligned with Hell. Yet, there are glimpses of Heaven in its rarity attempting to shine its way through the thick thud of the aura of the state of the human body. If only human souls could keep it there full time. What a peaceful world this planet would be!

The big spiritual handbook with the basics.

Warrior of Light:
Messages from my Guides and Angels

The B-side Spiritual handbook to the Warrior of Light book.

Empowering Spirit Wisdom:
A Warrior of Light's Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World

 The Prequel to the Warrior of Light books.  The personal transformation autobiography.

Reaching for the Warrior Within


I am a Love Addict and Expert, a Warrior of Light, Sage, and Wise One who is clairaudient and claircognizant.  
I channel and communicate with 7 guides and angels who I call my Spirit team.  
There is the leader of this pack who is the wise Saint Nathaniel.  
He sometimes refers to himself as Bartholomew, known to some as one of the three wise men. 
I write books on spirit, spirituality, empowerment, self-help, modern day love stories (straight/gay), horror and even bits of erotica.  
I weave the work of spirit in whatever story I tell.  
I assist others in improving their lives and in learning how to follow the messages and guidance of their own Spirit team of Guides and Angels 
so that they can live a happier and more prosperous Earthly life.  
The current way of life no longer works.  It's hostile, it's opposing and is void of love.

The Warrior of Light series of mini-books are for those interested in a specific topic.  
All of the mini-books contain content that exists in both of the books,
"Warrior of Light" and "Empowering Spirit Wisdom".  
All books are available in paperback or kindle:



"All of the Warrior of Light books are infused with practical messages and guidance that my Spirit team has taught and shared with me revolving around many different topics.  The main goal is to fine tune your soul, which subsequently improves humanity at the same time.  You are a Divine communicator and perfectly adjusted and capable of receiving messages from Heaven.  This is for your benefit in order to live a happier, richer life.  It is your individual responsibility to respect yourself and this planet while on your journey here. 
The messages and information enclosed in this and in all of the Warrior of Light books may be in my own words, but they do not come from me.  They come from God, the Holy Spirit, my Spirit team of guides, angels and sometimes certain Archangels and Saints.  I am merely the liaison or messenger in delivering and interpreting the intentions of what they wish to communicate.  They love that I talk about them and share this stuff as it gets other people to work with them too!  
There is one main hierarchy Saint who works with me leading the pack.  His name is Nathaniel.  He can be brutally truthful and forceful, as he does not mince words.  There may be topics in this and the other books that might bother you or make you uncomfortable.  He asks that you examine the underlying cause of this discomfort and come to terms with the fear that is attached to it.  He cuts right to the heart of humanity without apology.  I have learned quite a bit from him while adopting his ideology, which is Heaven’s as a whole.

I am one with the Holy Spirit and have many Spirit Guides and Angels around me.  As my connections to the other side grew to be daily over the course of my life, more of them joined in behind the others.  I have seen, sensed, heard and been privy to the dozens of magnificent lights that crowd around me on occasion. 
If I use the word “He” when pertaining to God, this does not mean that I am advocating that he is a male.  Simply replace the word, “He” with one you are comfortable using to identify God for you to be.  This goes for any gender I use as examples.  When I say, “spirit team”, I am referring to a team of ‘Guides and Angels’.  The purpose of the Warrior of Light books are to empower you and help you to improve yourself, your life and humanity as a whole.  It does not matter if you are a beginner or well versed in the subject matter.  There may be something in these books that reminds you of something you already know or something that you were unaware of.  We all have much to share with one another, as we are all one in the end.  This book and all of the Warrior of Light series of books contain information and directions on how to reach the place where you can be a fine tuned instrument to receive your own messages from your own Spirit team. 

Some of my personal stories are infused in the books in order for you to live vicariously through osmosis on how it works effectively for me.  With some of my methods I hope that you gain insight, knowledge or inspiration out of it.  It may prompt you to recall incidents where you were receiving divine messages in your own life.  There are helpful ways that you can improve your existence and have a connection with Heaven throughout these books.  Doing so will greatly transform yourself in all ways allowing you to attract wonderful circumstances at higher levels and live a happier more content life."
~ Kevin Hunter      

"It does not matter if you are a believer or a skeptic, because your team of Guides and Angels believe in you regardless. They are always there illuminating the path on your journey. They are guiding you out of despair and towards peace, love and joy throughout your Earthly life. All you need to do is pay attention to their messages and signs." ~ Kevin Hunter

~ From the Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels book ~

"How often do you find yourself thinking about nothing in particular when suddenly a jolt of clear-cut information flies through your mind? What you receive is so commanding you experience a surge of uplifting joy coursing through all of the cells in your body. The idea, key or answer you gained was the missing piece of the puzzle to something you needed to know at that particular time.

How many times have you received a nudge to do something that would positively change your life? Instead of taking action on it, you deny it chalking it off to wishful thinking. You later discover that it was indeed an answered prayer if only you had taken notice and followed it. These are some examples of how you can tell when it is your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel communicating with you.

When you get yourself and your Ego out of the way, then that is when the profound answer you had been hoping for is revealed to you. The impression you acquire is so powerful that it pulls you out of the darkness you were previously stuck in. It is a bright light shining its focus directly onto the message in unadorned view. It is crystal clear as if it had been there all along and you wonder why you had not noticed it before.

There are so many joyless faces out there waiting, complaining or praying for a miracle. What you are looking for is right in front of you and closer than you think when you have faith and believe. Instead, you choose to fill your days up partaking in activities that only erode your self-esteem and overall well-being. This can be something you are not even aware of like sitting in traffic completely tense. You experience another mundane routine day screaming for an escape from this prison of a life you have created. You stay unhappy in your jobs, the places you live in and with certain friendships or relationships. You ponder over not having that home of your dreams or sharing your life with someone in a loving relationship. The days having this dull mindset turn into months and years with no miracle in sight. This disappointment grows causing you to appear eternally glum, negative and bitter.

Those emotional traits mask your disappointment and heartbreak attracting more of that to you. To cope you drown those nasty emotions with addictions from drinking heavily, ingesting chemicals, doing drugs or by partaking in time wasting activities such as gossip and Internet surfing. You choose to be disconnected living behind a wall built of your own attitude and yet it is in your basic human nature to want to connect to other human souls, to someone or something. You want to be happy, but that state can feel so out of reach and unobtainable you drown in its thoughts.

Our way of communicating today is primarily through phone, texting, email and social networking. Even if you truly wanted to sit face-to-face you are too busy or worn out to bother. You were not intended to live your life in misery and unhappiness. For some reason, you choose to fall into a pattern of suffering. We as a whole are to blame for this design. It is never too late to improve your life.

God, your angels, spirit guides and all in Heaven can and want to assist you out of this hopelessness. They are always present wanting to lift you out of your life of desolation. It does not matter what your beliefs are and whether you are religious or an atheist. It does not matter what your race is, whether you are rich or poor, gay or straight, liberal or conservative. Whatever you agreed to come into this lifetime as, you are loved equally. No one is more special than anyone else. God and the angels see each of your inner lights, your innocence and your true purpose for being here. If you have veered long off course, they can help you get back to where you need to be. Who you are is a perfect child of God and love no matter where you are from or who you are."

~ From the Empowering Spirit Wisdom book ~

“God is magnificent beyond human comprehension. His Light is vast spreading like a gigantic blanket that fills up every atom and cell that exists in any spiritual plane. He is everywhere including in every soul. There is no escape from Him. Archangels, Saints, Spirit Guides and Angels know everything about you from your thoughts and feelings to what is coming up ahead for you. Many of them can be everywhere at once. Imagine what God is like if He is even more powerfully prophetic than any other creation in the Universe?  

God created everything in the Universe and all of the parallel Universes. Everything exists because of Him. This is why some say that you are born in the likeness of His image. They are not far off because you branched off out of Him. There are sparks of Light that shoot out of His presence. It looks like the kind of white sparklers that you might see in a firework, but there is an abundant amount of them shooting out. These sparklers are the individual souls that are born out of God. You came from Him. You formed out of Him. This is why you are born with the greatest qualities of God. Those qualities consist of 100% pure unconditional love, joy and a perfect state of peace. You are born into a human body in this state.  Unfortunately, human egos tamper with this, creating a wide array of issues that wreak havoc on your existence in this life.

God would never hurt a soul. They are His Children after all. He would never ask you to hurt another soul in any way. You do have to develop your soul. This is why some of the souls he has created have to go to school. This school or class if you will is being born into a human body on Earth. Human souls are on Earth in human form for countless reasons. One of them is to learn lessons to develop and grow their individual souls. Other souls may be born in human form to teach everyone else about love or other important Godly ways. There are also souls born into human form who take care of God’s planet in some way. This is part of how some souls contribute positively in the name of God. He expects everyone to display His best qualities, which are what you already have within you. This includes love, joy, peace and compassion. This is what a high vibrational state of being is.”
Kevin Hunter
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