The big spiritual handbook with the basics.


Warrior of Light:
Messages from my Guides and Angels

The B-side Spiritual handbook to the Warrior of Light book.

Empowering Spirit Wisdom:
A Warrior of Light's Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World

 The Prequel to the Warrior of Light books.  The personal transformation autobiography.

Reaching for the Warrior Within


I am a Love Addict and Expert, a Warrior of Light, Sage, and Wise One who is clairaudient and claircognizant.  
I channel and communicate with 7 guides and angels who I call my Spirit team.  
There is the leader of this pack who is the wise Saint Nathaniel.  
He sometimes refers to himself as Bartholomew, known to some as one of the three wise men. 
I write books on spirit, spirituality, empowerment, self-help, modern day love stories (straight/gay), horror and even bits of erotica.  
I weave the work of spirit in whatever story I tell.  
I assist others in improving their lives and in learning how to follow the messages and guidance of their own Spirit team of Guides and Angels 
so that they can live a happier and more prosperous Earthly life.  
The current way of life no longer works.  It's hostile, it's opposing and is void of love.

The Warrior of Light series of mini-books are for those interested in a specific topic.  
All of the mini-books contain content that exists in both of the books,
"Warrior of Light" and "Empowering Spirit Wisdom".  
All books are available in paperback or kindle:



"All of the Warrior of Light books are infused with practical messages and guidance that my Spirit team has taught and shared with me revolving around many different topics.  The main goal is to fine tune your soul, which subsequently improves humanity at the same time.  You are a Divine communicator and perfectly adjusted and capable of receiving messages from Heaven.  This is for your benefit in order to live a happier, richer life.  It is your individual responsibility to respect yourself and this planet while on your journey here. 
The messages and information enclosed in this and in all of the Warrior of Light books may be in my own words, but they do not come from me.  They come from God, the Holy Spirit, my Spirit team of guides, angels and sometimes certain Archangels and Saints.  I am merely the liaison or messenger in delivering and interpreting the intentions of what they wish to communicate.  They love that I talk about them and share this stuff as it gets other people to work with them too!  
There is one main hierarchy Saint who works with me leading the pack.  His name is Nathaniel.  He can be brutally truthful and forceful, as he does not mince words.  There may be topics in this and the other books that might bother you or make you uncomfortable.  He asks that you examine the underlying cause of this discomfort and come to terms with the fear that is attached to it.  He cuts right to the heart of humanity without apology.  I have learned quite a bit from him while adopting his ideology, which is Heaven’s as a whole.

I am one with the Holy Spirit and have many Spirit Guides and Angels around me.  As my connections to the other side grew to be daily over the course of my life, more of them joined in behind the others.  I have seen, sensed, heard and been privy to the dozens of magnificent lights that crowd around me on occasion. 
If I use the word “He” when pertaining to God, this does not mean that I am advocating that he is a male.  Simply replace the word, “He” with one you are comfortable using to identify God for you to be.  This goes for any gender I use as examples.  When I say, “spirit team”, I am referring to a team of ‘Guides and Angels’.  The purpose of the Warrior of Light books are to empower you and help you to improve yourself, your life and humanity as a whole.  It does not matter if you are a beginner or well versed in the subject matter.  There may be something in these books that reminds you of something you already know or something that you were unaware of.  We all have much to share with one another, as we are all one in the end.  This book and all of the Warrior of Light series of books contain information and directions on how to reach the place where you can be a fine tuned instrument to receive your own messages from your own Spirit team. 

Some of my personal stories are infused in the books in order for you to live vicariously through osmosis on how it works effectively for me.  With some of my methods I hope that you gain insight, knowledge or inspiration out of it.  It may prompt you to recall incidents where you were receiving divine messages in your own life.  There are helpful ways that you can improve your existence and have a connection with Heaven throughout these books.  Doing so will greatly transform yourself in all ways allowing you to attract wonderful circumstances at higher levels and live a happier more content life."
~ Kevin Hunter      

"It does not matter if you are a believer or a skeptic, because your team of Guides and Angels believe in you regardless. They are always there illuminating the path on your journey. They are guiding you out of despair and towards peace, love and joy throughout your Earthly life. All you need to do is pay attention to their messages and signs." ~ Kevin Hunter

~ From the Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves book, “Angel Detox” ~

“Kevin Hunter, a former addict whose coffee detox story appeared earlier in this chapter, believes that most people who are abusing drugs and alcohol are running from something.  Usually it involves some kind of emotional trauma and unresolved emotional pain.  They use drugs because they don’t like how they feel when they aren’t using.

Kevin grew up in an abusive and volatile home.  By the age of 21, he had turned to drugs and alcohol to escape.  He was on cocaine, crystal meth, and marijuana.  When he wasn’t using drugs, he was drinking excessive amounts of alcohol until he blacked out.  (When you black out from alcohol, the angels say you’re more open to negative entities attaching themselves to you.)

Kevin had always had a strong connection to his angels and had never had a problem hearing guidance from above.  His angels provided him with numerous opportunities to hear their messages, but his addictions were preventing him from accepting them.

But it got to the point where he could no longer hide from his guidance by overindulging; it was time to get clean.  Kevin worked with his angels to release his cravings for drugs and alcohol, and by the age of 25, he was completely clean.

Today, Kevin is extremely health conscious and fit.  He exercises regularly, is strong and independent, and has a clear mind.  People who know him today have no idea of his past addictions.  He has worked with the angels to detox his life step-by step.”

~ From the Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves book, “Angel Detox” ~

“Kevin Hunter wanted to detox from something he had been ingesting before he was in his mid-30’s.  He felt that his angels wanted to clear the energies around him, so he began working very closely with the angelic realm.

They guided him to detox from coffee first.  Kevin could feel that coffee was reducing his ability to connect with the Divine world.  He noticed a palpable difference when he drank coffee, as its energy would sit in his aura and make his angels harder to hear.  Kevin also had a long history of anxiety.  His regular coffee drinking was exacerbating this condition and preventing him from achieving peace.  The angels urged him to give it up, but Kevin resisted this change, as he disagreed with the angels’ guidance.

Kevin wasn’t a big coffee drinker-he only had one cup a day, and the rest of the day he enjoyed water.  He challenged the angels and explained that other people drank far more coffee than he did.  He also did research on coffee, which showed that there were no adverse effects from drinking one cup a day.

Each day Kevin would drag himself out of bed at 7:30 a.m. after a minimum of eight hours’ sleep.  He would make the perfect cup of coffee using his fancy French press.  As he got ready in the morning, he heard his angels say, “You don’t need it.”

Kevin would grumble and ignore them.  He insisted, “Yes, I do need my coffee!  Why are you so persistent?”  He required concrete proof that he didn’t need it anymore.

One day after the angels continued to give Kevin the same message, he’d had enough.  He slammed his hands down and offered the angels a compromise.  He said that if they felt he didn’t coffee, and he thought he did, then they should take away his cravings.  He gave them full permission to reduce his cravings for coffee-that was the only solution he could think of.  If Kevin had a craving for coffee, there was no stopping him from having it, so unless the angels took away this craving, he was going to keep drinking it.  The angels agreed to his request.

The next morning, Kevin woke up and went into the kitchen.  Strangely enough, he felt full of energy and found it odd that he didn’t crave coffee.  He decided to try going for a full day without it.   A month later, Kevin was having one cup of coffee several times a week rather than on a daily basis.  Soon he was only drinking it once or twice every couple of weeks, and shortly thereafter he was completely coffee-free!  After 20 years of daily coffee drinking, Kevin wasn’t craving coffee at all.  Archangel Michael spent several years with him, clearing toxins and negative people from his life.  Now Kevin lives stress-free, peacefully, and is surrounded by warm, loving people.”

Kevin Hunter
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