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on Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication

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In Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication, spiritual motivational author Kevin Hunter examines the areas tied to psychic phenomena and mediumship.   You are psychic!  Everything that is not human made, but God created has access to these Divine communication receptors deep within the soul's DNA, regardless if there is awareness of that or not.  This is one of the ways that everything and everyone is affected and connected to one another.  

Some of the topics discussed include fine-tuning your soul for stronger psychic reception, the psychic abilities built into all souls, psychically connecting and other psychic related wisdom, communicating with the Divine, the core psychic clair senses, picking up on heavenly input, psychic insights, psychic accuracy, psychic timing, how much does your Spirit Team know, blocking Divine guidance, the power of your sensitivities, psychic spirit team communication, the author's channeling process, spirit guides and angels, connecting with the tarot, and much more!

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