Working with the Law of Attraction

When Ultimate authentic success surrounds your soul’s growth and evolving process.  It’s when you realize that none of the physical ego driven desires matter in the end. You can work hard to make sure you stay afloat, you’re able to pay your bills, and support yourself and family, but you’re not chasing friends, likes, followers, fans, or people to prop you up.  Any amount of goodness displayed from your heart is the true measure of real accomplishment.     An overflowing feeling of optimism and love coupled with faith and action is what increases the chances of attracting good things and positive experiences to you. 

Believing you can be anything you want to be is an exceptional perspective to help you thrive and persevere forward.  Give yourself a grand shot at achieving what you agreed to this lifetime by putting in daily or weekly action steps required to make what you dream of become a reality.  It is not a far-fetched notion to trust you can and will conquer your dreams as other countless successes throughout history have.  They started out with nothing, but a dream and persisted forward to make what they longed for become a reality.  They ignored the naysayers or dream crushers, wiped that out of their minds, and forged forward under the power of God and the Universe.  It is better to believe in yourself and what you are capable of than to not believe.  

Be an unswerving fighter, have passion, persistence, drive, and a strong will to succeed in all you desire and long to accomplish. That’s been my long running secret to achieve what I’ve done to date. I’m often approached by others informing me how my accomplishments, history, and unshakeable work ethic has inspired them. My life, temperament, regimen, and process is similar to that of an Olympic athlete that it’s exhausted some around me. I have to be prepared on all levels through body, mind, and soul to give 110%, otherwise I won’t bother to commit to it. If I’m committed to something, then I can’t be stopped.

The steps towards making your dreams come true are simple: Believe you can do it with great upbeat enthusiastic optimism that rarely wavers.  Increase your faith in a higher power by allowing that essence to fill you up each morning you wake up propelling you to seize the day.  Ask for help from God and your Spirit team through prayer. Pay attention to the guidance they give you and take action on it.  The guidance might not come the second you make the request, but stay alert and pay attention to the signs you see throughout your day that could be their answer. If you’re getting the nudge to exercise more, then follow that guidance.  They know that when you take care of all parts of you that this contributes to your overall soul success, which equates to abundance success. 

Your Spirit team is made up of one guardian angel and one spirit guide.  Someone may have more than one guide and one angel if they regularly work with beings in Heaven.   If a person has more challenging goals and purposes they need to accomplish while here, then they may also have more than one guide and angel.  This might be that person attempting to make grander changes for the benefit of humanity.  They may not even be aware that there is a Spirit team available around to help them. No one is exempt from heavenly help, including non-believers of a higher power, which is why they reach success by believing they can.

For some people, there are more guides and angels sifting in and out if that person requires more.  This could be the case if you have major goals needed to accomplish that are beneficial for your higher self’s purpose.  For instance, inventors throughout history would have had more than one guide or angel working with them through the process of their inventing from the idea and on down to the finished product.  This is to help bring great inventions to people such as electricity, running water, materials to build homes, etc.  The guides specializing in that would stay throughout that tenure whether it’s months or years.  There is no time restricted limit.  They stay for as long as needed, then they move onto assist others once the goal was fulfilled.

Your Spirit team is assigned to you before you are born into a human life.   You also know them while you are a soul before you incarnate into a human birth.  You’ve met with them and discussed some of the purposes you intend to accomplish on Earth before your arrival.  They are present at your birth and remain with you through human death.  

Some guides and angels might agree to show up at a certain juncture of someone’s life, such as when major life changes are taking place. They leave once it’s calmed down and heavenly help is no longer needed for that circumstance.  A spirit guide may be sent to you to assist in preparing you for a particular love relationship partner, or to help you find a specific job where you will learn valuable lessons and skills at in order to utilize later in your personal and/or professional life. Once you and this love partner have connected, or you obtained the job you desired, then that particular guide will leave. 

Your one main spirit guide and one guardian angel will never leave your side no matter what.  They are your day-to-day team ready and alert should their assistance be needed.  They act as God’s hands and arms ensuring you stay on path.  They are some of the souls you stand face to face with upon your arrival at Heaven’s gate upon human death.   This is also when all of the answers to questions you had throughout your Earthly life that were never answered flow through you with exceptional clarity.  It will feel like you had been carrying those answers around with you all that time, but it wasn’t strong enough to be picked up on.   This will change as you cross over into the bliss filled Heavenly realms where your soul originated.

Your Spirit team’s primary role is to guide you along your Earthly journey ensuring that both the blessings and challenges you’re intended to encounter take place.  You also have free will choice to either tune into their guidance and follow it, or ignore it and venture off on your own path.  The latter can cause problems since that is often times the ego’s choice. The ego is only interested in holding you back or getting you into trouble. Some consider the ego to be the Darkness or the Devil, which are all interchangeable the same way God can mean the Universe, the Light, Spirit, or a Higher Power to different people depending on who you talk to.  It’s all the same thing regardless of the label human beings choose to call it.

Your Spirit team can warn you against making a particular choice if they see you are heading towards danger, but they cannot always stop you from that.  This is especially the case if you’re brushing off divine spirit guidance and ignoring it.  How often throughout your life has an undesirable circumstance taken place that prompts you to later realize you had actually been warned?  I know I’ve certainly heard others say, “And I knew I shouldn’t have done that.  I had this really strong nudge not to do that, but I just ignored it.”

Some people have made poor choices out of being deeply in love with someone.  Heaven applauds love feelings for another person, but they know the side effect to intense obsessive love could fog up your psychic vision and divine connection. This can contribute to you making choices you might not have ordinarily done if those rose-colored glasses weren’t tightly on.   Some people have been in a love situation where they were in love with someone who wasn’t as in love with them back.  This continues until they find out they were being taken advantage of by that partner. They look back and start to recall the many red flags and Divine signs offered to them about this new prospect. Those signs had been in front of them all along, but because they were in the deep blinding haze of being in this kind of love attraction they failed to notice it or brushed it off.  

When you’re that in love with someone you let them get away with murder, until they react cruelly to you in a way that snaps you back to reality. You realize you knew all along they were wrong for you, but you had been deceived by the dark ego.

Those strong feeling sense nudges you get can be your ego, or it can be coming from a member or members of your Spirit team trying to communicate with you in warning.  As you grow more in tune with your soul and the Divine, you get better at differentiating what is your ego and what is your Spirit team.  Since Spirit cannot pick up the phone and call you, or write you an email, they use other methods to communicate with you that work.   These methods include communicating with you through your etheric senses that include Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairaudience.  I discuss the four clairs in greater detail in my book, Four Clair Psychic Senses, since it would be too long for this particular piece.

Your Spirit team will guide and assist you where it’s possible within their means of being able to do so, but it is up to you to pull yourself up and stand tall no matter how tough life can be.  Lean on them for support, stay strong in faith, have gratitude, and ask for repetitive daily assistance.  They can help guide you on your path towards abundance enlightenment.  Pay attention to the signs in your path that require you to act towards this positive change, then take those action steps to get the energy moving in the direction of your dreams.

Abundance Enlightenment

Chasing monetary success can leave you dissatisfied. Monetary success isn’t long lasting, but spiritual success is.  There’s nothing corrupt about being adequately paid for your hard work, otherwise you risk being taken advantage.  This can happen if you give away your time and services for free.   This isn’t about helping those in need for free, which counts in the giving and receiving equation.  This can be about your job or career.   If for example you’re trying to physically survive, but offer free readings and consultations to those that reach out to you, then that would apply here.

This is a physical world that requires money to survive on this planet.  It’s misguided to believe that money isn’t everything.  It is true that money is not everything compared to love, great health, and good loyal friends that understand you and have your back, but the reality is that money is required to survive on the planet.  Find that steady balance where you gracefully thrive to achieve to make enough money to be comfortable enough where you no longer have worry of not being able to pay your bills.  At the same time, avoid getting too carried away with it that you fall into greed territory, which is an abundance killer.  

Abundance is more than monetary and financial increase. It can also be about reaching an awe-inspiring optimistic heavenly well-being state of joy, peace, and love.   This positive emotional mindful state simultaneously attracts in blessings. 

It is the basic human necessities that people tend to chase after over anything else.  Some continue chasing these things long after they have it due to a greed mentality or because they are looking to fill up a missing void inside.  They may not even realize this as being the reason for chasing. Having a lack of spiritual awareness to all things beyond the physical can increase a desire to chase after external physical material gratification to fill that emptiness.  The end result propels you to constantly search for these physical material gratifications that end up leaving you empty after you’ve obtained it.  Strike a healthy balance between having one foot grounded into physical reality and another foot in the spirit etheric planes outside of physical reality.  This is that sweet spot where an overwhelming positive feeling of abundance rises and increases. 

It is not immoral to desire to live securely enough where you have a comfortable place to live, a career, job, and/or hobbies that fulfill you. Your bills get paid without worry and you have a love partner or a healthy social circle.  When you’re taken care of with your physical needs, then it is easier to focus on what others need.   When you feel safe and secure, then your vibration is raised within that comfy nest.  This makes you a joy to be around and a powerful abundance magnet at the same time.

Your emotional and mental well-being state is important for numerous reasons.  When you’re happy and healthy, then the more love and abundance you attract in.  This also raises your vibration, which awakens your intuitive psychic connection with Spirit.   It is that connection which helps you receive divinely guided information and inspiration designed to keep you on the right path towards soul enlightenment and beyond.  

Enlightenment is that content space your soul secretly seeks deep down.  It is the place you resided in when you were born, but Earthly life circumstances dulled that beautiful edge that exists within the core of your soul.  If you have the hope of brightening it up again, then I know how you feel, as I’ve been in that place in the past myself.  I did whatever I could to get that emotional and mental state unnaturally, which entailed getting my hands on any toxic addiction possible.  I wound up running around in circles chasing a mirage.  Only when I tuned back in to my Spirit team was I able to manage life more efficiently. 

In the past, when I have been on cloud nine, that was when I saw positive circumstances filter in.  When I was down or negative, then either more of that came into my life, or nothing changed at all.  To an extent, having positive thoughts and an optimistic mindset will work, but this needs to be backed up with faith and action.  It’s certainly better than being bitter, angry, and negative.  Which person would you like to hang out with? I’m going to go with the happy loving camper who just wants to have a good time and wants you to have one too.

Opening the Divine Gates to Inviting in Blessings

and Prosperity Through Body, Mind, and Soul Spirit

This page contains some sample excerpts from the books that came out in 2018. 

It was also the end of another chapter and era of work.

Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

Energy Vampires, Toxic Monsters,

Angels and Empaths

There are different types of energy vampires that exist around the world.   In essence, most of them govern their functioning primarily from their ego or darkness of their ego.  The reason darkness is emphasized is because there is also a healthy ego that is built within the cells and consciousness of all souls.  The light side of the ego would include radiating traits such as self-confidence and a strong healthy self-esteem.  The dark side of your ego causes all sorts of chaos, damage, and harm emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes even physically.  It has an effect on your surroundings and the nature of what you attract into your vicinity.

Energy Vampires is another popular label terminology being used primarily in spiritual and empowerment related circles.  Those who are not necessarily hip to spiritual pursuits have heard of the energy vampire term.  Even business executives are starting to use the label.  They’ve grown well aware of the negative effects that such a person can have on their company.  

Every single person on the planet can and will display both the light and dark traits associated with their ego, since no one is exempt from falling into lower energy behavior.  All are living in a physical materialistic environment that can bring out the darker sides of our nature.   

An energy vampire is someone that primarily governs their life in that negative based state to the point and extent that it affects their well-being and those around them.  The types of people that notice this undesirable behavior in others tend to be highly sensitive beings or Empaths.  

Empaths have extraordinarily empathic sensitive traits in being able to intuit what someone else is going through with minimal effort. It comes naturally to them since one of their strongest psychic clairs is clairsentience, which means clear feeling or clear sensing.  If this is you or someone you know, then you are someone that senses every nuance around you to the point that it can drain your energy.  This is why it’s important to govern yourself, your life, and your surroundings as strictly as possible.  This is to make life a little more bearable than it would be if you weren’t as aware.

The downside or challenge for empaths, highly sensitive people, or clairsentient beings is they also invite in others who are drawn and attracted to their light.   Unfortunately, this means they also attract in and draw to them energy vampires that salivate over their light.  Energy vampires are people that symbolically or metaphorically behave like a real vampire and head straight to the empath to figuratively drink their blood.  The blood is representative of someone’s energy state.   The darkness is attracted to the light, because the light is remarkably attractive to others in general.   The energy vampire grows stronger when in the presence of an empath.  It is up to the empath to be firm and ferocious about their territory to ensure it is protected from the energy vampire.  Sadly you cannot rely on the energy vampire to take the hint to stay away from your beautiful light on its own.

It can be challenging to get away from an energy vampire when you have no choice in the matter.  These would be instances such as living or working with such a person. Living with them can be challenging because you’re stuck in the same space with them.  That’s a situation where you would need to truly examine what your options are if it is perpetually bothersome.  The options would include plotting your exit plan. Mapping out when you would be able to move out of the space or have them move out if you have jurisdiction over the residence.

Working with an energy vampire presents its own set of challenges.  There may be that one colleague or acquaintance under the impression you have a tighter friendship than you actually have.  The energy vampire is not in a state of being that has any clarity or strong psychic intuition, so they would be unable to pick up the hints being dropped that they need to move away from you.  They are typically in denial of anything outside of them, therefore they will insist on forcing a closer friendship camaraderie that you have no interest in.  This is in order to unload all of their issues onto you whenever they see you.  You’re used as a trash can for them to dump toxins into.  They need a human vessel to do that the same way a darker spirit in limbo mode would push a human soul to reach for an addiction.  

Because you’re an empath, they find your sensitivity welcoming to them to use and abuse.  This isn’t necessarily done deliberately or with malice.  The energy vampire has no sense of personal boundaries, nor do they have a highly tuned in psychic radar strong enough for them to pick up on the fact that they are over stepping the line with you.   They have the capacity to awaken and crack open their consciousness that allows them to be more perceptive and receptive, but until then you have to navigate around them carefully when possible.  This is about protecting you and your well-being, so that it doesn’t bring your own energy down.  Energy vampires are not known for being courteous or sympathetic.   They live in a daily dramatic state and feed off the empath or nicer person because that sweet empathy is so inviting to them. When this happens, you run the risk of being used and sometimes taken advantage of.  The energy vampire knows you’re a nice person that will listen and engage with them in a gentle attractive manner.  This makes you vulnerable to the prey of an energy vampire. 

When the energy vampire is in your vicinity, they will suck the life force out of you.  You can sense this because it’s terribly uncomfortable and depletes you of the higher energy you had before they approached you.  The serious offenders are the ones that display this behavior every time you see them.    You cringe whenever they see you or call you to talk.   Whenever they approach and speak with you, an ugly weight is felt all over your body no matter what the person is saying.  Basically, they rub you the wrong way.  You being a nice person, you hesitate to getting into a major confrontation by boldly saying, “I’m sorry, can you please leave me alone. Your whole aura makes me terribly uncomfortable.”   

You might be thinking that, but you also know that saying that can cause arguments, drama, and retaliation that is against your core empathic nature.   Instead you sit or stand there as this vampire sucks the light out of you to make them stronger.  In that moment, you feel as if you’re giving your power away to this other person.  

It is inevitable that you will come across difficult personalities that don’t align comfortably with yours throughout the course of your life. Everyone is different from one another even if there are mutual interests and disinterests.  The entire planet of people have been thrown together on the same rock and forced to find a way to get along, peacefully, which seems like an unreasonable request seeing as how challenging it is for that to happen.

How you navigate demanding circumstances with finesse can determine how difficult or smooth your Earthly life road trip can become.  Part of that entails practicing emotional detachment and working on letting what you can go, so you’re not carrying around any toxic feelings conjured up as a result of crossing paths with someone that rubs you the wrong way.  

Energy vampires are not the only ones sucking your good energy out of you.  Sometimes as a sensitive person your own thoughts and feelings can drain you without realizing it.  One cannot pretend to be happy and cheerful around the clock as that takes energy too, especially if you’re not feeling so chipper.  Human beings have complicated emotions and thoughts that are active and reactive to their surrounding environment.  This is about being aware and conscious of what’s happening around you and with those you come across.   Gliding along your daily path you tune into your surroundings noting when you sense danger or love, and whether or not it is safe to enter that lair.

Another similar name for an energy vampire is also the toxic monster, because they’re basically moving about in a negative state.  When you’re in a perpetual negative state, then your energy is monstrous and toxic, hence the toxic monster.  A toxic monster is someone that is an energy vampire, but who spreads anything associated with negative energy wherever they can. 

The world and the people in it are not that cut and dry where you can separate the good ones from the bad ones.  Every person on the planet is capable of becoming both empathic and sensitive, to becoming an energy vampire and toxic monster.  No one is exempt from displaying the darker sides of their ego.  The higher advantage for an empath is they are extremely sensitive, which makes them have a larger degree of psychic intuition.  If they move into the role of displaying energy vampire traits, they are able to intuit when they overstep their boundaries with someone.  Therefore, they can quickly modify their behavior to move right back into the awesome light empath they are most of the time, whereas an authentic energy vampire is perpetually in that negative state.  They don’t just make you uncomfortable, depleted, and annoyed, but others point out the same complaints about them as well too.

There is a smaller percentage of the population who has a keener extra sensory perception and a strong sensitivity to things beyond. While everyone is capable of utilizing those gifts, only a smaller percentage has a stronger awareness of it. If everyone utilized that sense, then the planet wouldn’t be having the constant hate and attacking that goes on every second of every day. 

Every soul is in this Earthly life school to assist them in raising their consciousness enough to reach that level, so they do have the capacity to get there.  All souls are born with psychic sensitivity, but may have been re-structured due to Earthly life circumstances and experiences.  When they do the work and want to improve themselves, then they too will begin the process of dissolving their darker traits and allowing their consciousness to grow expand, and evolve, while others will remain in that state throughout their lifetime unaware that they have the capacity for so much more.

Incidentally, animals have it easier because they’re not blocked the way people are.  They don’t all have the physical distractions that get in the way of picking up on psychic stimuli. 

 Empaths, highly sensitive people, and clairsentients tend to be uncomfortable in crowded situations.  It’s difficult for me to be in those set ups due to the abundant energies flying around that I’m psychically picking up on.  I tend to stay away from crowded places when I can, including crowded streets.  I’ll cross a different street that’s less crowded than a busier corner with cars flying around recklessly and impatiently.  Most of the time I’ll go around the longer way to avoid it.  As a clairaudient, some of the worst sounds for me to hear are sirens. It always sends my heart racing while raising my anxiety levels.  I have to grab headphones as soon as I hear it coming so I can block out that particular noise.  Bright lights are another stimuli that have a jarring effect on me as well. 

There have been varying statistics floating around surrounding the nature of the empath.  While it is beginning to become a more popular notion around the world, in America there is still some jaded scoffing about it where you’re either seen as weak if you’re an empath, or it’s shunned as being absurd new age-ish jargon.  In countries like China you’re considered more popular if you’re an empath.  The interesting cultural differences and mentality is fascinating to note when it surrounds the nature of the empath.   Anyone is capable of being an empath if the overall disposition and demeanor they display tends to be gentle, empathic, and sympathetic over what someone could be going through.  

Empaths and highly sensitive people prefer to be alone or one on one, rather than in groups.  They don’t see being alone as being lonely.  In fact, it’s where they are able to re-charge their energies to grow strong again.  Being around people all day long drains them regardless if the people are compassionate and drama free.  You can imagine how bad it would be if those people were energy vampires or toxic monsters.  The energy they suck out of everyone around them can be disastrous, especially for an empath and highly sensitive person.

The easiest and most efficient way to spread that kind of energy is online.  The rise of the technological age has also given rise to the toxic monster.  Those types of personalities now have the perfect outlet to spread that energy as far and wide as possible, which is online.  This is why the sole purpose and goal of this piece is to discuss how technology, media, and social media have an immense power in distributing both positive and negative influences to as many people as possible.  If it’s negativity that’s been emitted out there, then this will have a negative effect on the well-being and state of mind of all those anywhere near it.   This is especially potent for an empath or highly sensitive being who takes much of that into its own vibrational energy. There are positives to anything, including with anything related to technology, but this is more about being mindful of what can negatively effect your state of being, and how to counter and avoid that when and wherever possible.


Abundance Enlightenment

The Modern Day Work World

I’ve been conducting years of research and pouring through endless data surrounding the current work environment state. This has included interviewing countless numbers of people, listening to their work lifestyle stories, questions, and struggles.  All of this has revealed something disheartening that shouldn’t be too surprising for those in the work force.  The existing work arena has been long overdue for a major renovation.  The way it’s designed today is rapidly crushing and killing the well-being of millions of human souls. It’s grown exceedingly out of control since the corporate worlds rose to prominence.  

Having been out in the field in the workforce for decades and communicating with other professionals over the years about it has revealed some interesting revelations.  The top two areas of concern I receive the most questions from people on surround work and love life.  At this point, work and career related concerns have been coming in with stronger force over love related worries.   Part of this can be because many people have been finding it more difficult to focus on love relationships when their work life is experiencing some form of chaos or disarray.  

Until ones dreams are realized it can be challenging to focus on a love relationship, yet at the same time having a strong love partnership can in fact breathe life into career and work related endeavors.   This is because people need some kind of moral support, including the most independent put together person.  This independent person may not need as much coaching or support, but they can still use some love essence being breathed into their soul from another.   What better champion to have in your life than a steady loyal love partner.  Love relationships are a two way street, so if both partners are not giving each other that mutual support, then this will have a negative effect on other aspects of your life, including the work and career side of your existence.

The world has forever witnessed uproar over issues they agree or disagree with, but what is exceedingly off-putting is no one mobilizes or rallies to correct issues that are happening every single day in the areas of work and love.  Those are the areas that the majority of people on the planet tend to be most distressed about over any other Earthly life battle.  

I have forever had immense compassion for those in the workforce that are putting in those hours to take care of themselves and their families. I know that it is a means of survival to work hard to stay afloat and keep trudging along.  At the same time, many battle and struggle to find that sweet spot center of feeling content while in the whirlwind fight to make it through.   This is also a genre and area that my Spirit team has mutually been concerned about. All of this is what pushed this topic to prominence in Earth’s history once again.  Trends move and shift in cycles throughout the centuries. Human behavior automatically adapts to what is considered the norm at that time, but it doesn’t mean that what you’re adapting to is favorable to your soul’s well-being.  Working so hard to ensure your bills are paid can leave your soul spiritually starved for what is more important to your survival, which is soul nourishment. 

Talking quick statistics, out of the over seven billion people living around the planet right now, about half of that number are full time employed, with the unemployment rate being in the two to three hundred million ranges.  This is a generalized estimate due to how accurate or inaccurate stats can or may not be recorded. There are millions of births each year that do not get recorded.  It’s impossible to know what every single person on the planet is up to.   Some live in circumstances where recording their information with the government is not an option.

Billions of people all over the planet are struggling in jobs they don’t care for, or they’re trying to find any kind of work, while others hold out for a job they can get somewhat excited about to wake up each day to go to.  There are only a handful or small percentage of people around the globe who are working in jobs or careers they love, or one that is their passion and life purpose, while others work in jobs just for the paycheck, which crushes their life force.  You also have those without a job trying to find work or some way to make money, which also crushes their life force.  When your ultimate goal is to obtain enough money to be comfortable, then there is little to no room for spiritual nourishment and enrichment.  The other demographic are those unable to find any kind of work, with some living on the streets or in extreme poverty.   No one marches or protests over any of that either.

It is no wonder materialism dominates the planet.  This is because money is needed to survive and function without worry or fear.  Even those who work full time to make money to survive are merely working day after day all day long for survival reasons.  This is to be able to pay their rent or mortgage, put gas in the car, food on the table, clothe themselves, and hopefully have just enough left over to do something fun once in awhile, which might include a nice dinner or a night away somewhere outside of their own home in some other city.  This is to break up the monotony, to have some kind of release, and to experience even a sliver of joy and fun.

In the United States, the employment rate peaked in 2000, before it gradually declined until it reached the lowest it had ever been in 2011, then it began to steadily improve, but never reaching the highest employment rate it had reached in the 2000 year to date.

I’ve been in the business work force for thirty years and grew up in a working class home with two working parents who worked paycheck to paycheck just to buy the basic necessities to stay afloat.  There were times they had a hard time doing that.  On a spiritual level, I’m also a lifelong clairaudient and claircognizant, with some measures of clairsentience and clairvoyance. This is nothing different than what anyone else can do, since all are born with various spiritual gifts.   I’ve been forever connected with a council of guides from above stating numerous profound foresights of what’s happening and what’s to come.  These revelations have also come true in the end.  On top of that, I’ve been studying the human condition since I was a child. None of this is about rattling off my resume credits for the sake of bravado, but it’s more about articulating that I have a grave understanding of the realities, the pitfalls, the struggles, as well as the blessings that others endure.  I know what it’s like to live in what some might call the trenches. I understand it exceptionally well from both the practical as well as the spiritual perspectives. 

We’re going to discuss some rough and tough direct realities, before eventually and gradually lightening up into the middle and endings of this with abundance tips, guidance, and messages.  All of this is with the intention of inspiring you to have a newfound outlook about the work life set up today.  Perhaps it will encourage or motivate you to implement some positive changes to all aspects of your life where possible. 

Living for the weekend is something many in the workforce can relate to regardless of what your personal spiritual related beliefs are. If you have no spiritual connection, principles, or views, there may still be some information in this that you can apply to your daily life, even if it’s one sentence throughout this whole thing that contributes something life changing in you.  There will be information you already know, stuff that’s new to you, content that resonates with you, and some that doesn’t.

One’s work life is what makes up so many people’s lives.  I understand how challenging that can be to get through it if you’re not happy with the work you’re doing, but even if you are happy with it, that doesn’t mean you want to spend every waking minute doing it.  If you’re not a full time worker, or you’re unemployed, or you work from home, there is still information that may be of benefit to you, because this is also about incorporating more balance, so that you don’t feel so drained all of the time. It can be challenging to balance the professional and personal parts of your life.  Even more challenging is having a spiritually based nature, yet you find that you work in situations or for companies that lack in that department.

The Birth of Twin Flames

God’s bright uplifting blinding Light fills the planet, the Universe, the Galaxies, the planes and dimensions and beyond. The one area the Light rarely touches are the spaces and pockets of Darkness.  It’s not that He avoids it like the plague, but there is no love in that space.  It’s not a pleasant space to reside in for anyone. 

There is the Darkness that exists on the Earth plane in a human body within the human ego.  There is also the Darkness in the Spirit planes.  It is what some have used various names for like Hell, Purgatory, or Limbo.  Regardless of the label used to describe it, it’s not a place one should desire or thrive to live in. The pain associated with it is unbearable for a soul.  

Luckily, there is a Light at the end of that Dark tunnel. This is where He exists ready for all that call on Him.  Like a stern but loving parent, He is always there.  He created every space available in all dimensions from here and beyond. He created every living soul and breathed magnificent life into every one of them.   He created every soul and every species.  Within every soul that incarnates into a human body, He created each soul with the intention of breathing glorious life into them.  It may certainly appear to be a complicated design to create a Universe with one Planet filled with billions of living souls whirling around in a vast space filled with billions of miles of planets and stars soaring for all infinity with no other visible soul or life form except on Earth.  None of this is an accident and nor is the soul an accident.  The soul came from somewhere.  The consciousness within the soul is the part of you that develops reasoning discernment and skill.

The soul chooses to incarnate into an Earthly life for various reasons.  This is done through choosing the two souls that will be the parents of that soul.  This is regardless if the child is given up for adoption, or is raised by a single parent or guardian, or two people of the same gender.  It doesn’t matter who will raise them, but who they will be born from and why.

During some human pregnancies, there will be times when an egg is split producing two offspring.  These are Earth born siblings called twins.  Human twin siblings tend to be exactly identical, nearly identical, or nowhere near identical.  They may be identical in looks and/or personality, even though they were split from the same egg, but some twins also look nothing alike, but may display comparable personality traits.  This is similar to the concept of how Twin Flame Souls are born.   Human born twins can be Twin Flames, but this is a rare occurrence unless they tend to share a high measure of spiritual instincts with a deep running psychic line between each other.  This same deep running psychic line runs between Twin Flames.  It is one of the reasons they are in tune to each other when they first lock eyes. 

The Twin Flames have a shared ongoing sentiment and quest from the moment they’re a spark shooting out of God's love that explodes into a blinding white fire that breaks apart causing one to be two until two become one again, separate and whole, and back around again. Each flame understands what God meant when He said, “I am You.”   This is because looking into the eyes of your Twin Flame is like looking into the eyes of God.  You can see God behind one another’s eyes. Suddenly human life makes sense if it didn’t before. All souls were born out of His love and will fall right back into that love before being re-born again into that love.

All souls spark out of the same source of energy.  This energy source is what some call God, the Light, Energy, the Source, All Knowing, the Creator, the Force, and so on. Differing groups, religions, sects on Earth that choose to follow their own belief system will call it one thing while another will call it something different.  It doesn’t matter what name a human being chooses to call it and nor does Heaven care what someone calls it, because all that is understood is what is.  

When a soul is conceived from this source, it splits into two souls in the same fashion that human twins split off from the same egg. Twin Flames are one soul split into two souls from the same source of energy at the same time.  All souls are made as one, but then split into pairs for the purpose of having a partner that each soul calls home.  Sometimes they connect on Earth and other times they separate to have distinct soul missions.  In Heaven, Twin Flames are known as Twin Souls or Split Aparts, but on Earth human beings came up with the Twin Flames phrase, so that’s why we’re using it here. We will alternate and occasionally say Twin Souls or Split Apart, which all means the same thing anyway.


Like human twins, Twin Flame Souls also share the traits of being exactly identical, nearly identical, or not identical at all.   One half of the twin soul may exude more Yang/Masculine energy, while the other twin soul half displays more Yin/Feminine energy.  They both vacillate equally between the pair.  It doesn’t matter what their human gender is as we’re talking about energy, which has no anatomy in the way that you know it to be.

Within these Split Aparts, both souls conceived have an equal amount of Yang/Masculine and Yin/Feminine energy.  This means that all human souls are born with a balance of both male and female energies within them.   The goal is to keep that balance present throughout the duration of your Earthly life.  This makes for a well-rounded put together human soul operating from the highest consciousness level possible they can achieve under the circumstances.

There are human developed traits that will prompt someone to display more of one gender energy over another.  For example, human men tend to have more testosterone, which causes them to display more male dominated energy, while human women tend to have more estrogen, which prompts them to display more female receptive energy.  This varies and moves up and down as the person ages, and depending on that particular person’s make-up.  

Typically, this energy reverses as one moves into the human 30’s and beyond.   Men see a significant drop in testosterone with a rise in estrogen, while women see a drop in estrogen and a rise in testosterone.   Part of this change can also be due to environmental factors and/or diet.  This definition is separate from what the male and female energy is within the compartments of one God created soul.  

There are also men who may exude more feminine energy, while some women may exude more masculine energy.  This doesn’t make that person any less of a man or a woman.  Those myths are due to human ego being taught one thing growing up only to discover there is more going on in the world than they imagined or understood there to be.  The energy in the human man or human woman is the gender energy they mostly convey, which has nothing to do with the anatomy you were born with.   

Someone in the creative arts will tend to display more feminine energy because creativity is in the realms of that jurisdiction, while someone in construction, building, or the areas of physical sports and activity will display more action masculine oriented energy, regardless if the person was born this lifetime as a man or a woman.  

There are also people who may exude a steadiness of both energies, which is the ultimate goal for each soul in order to achieve spiritual balance.  This might be where they dive into the creative internal expression world on one day, but the next day they’re playing in a sports league to express themselves through the physical body.  

Running your own business would fall into the realms of masculine energy, because you’re taking action.  Taking action is the masculine energy, while thinking creatively outside of the box would fall into the feminine energy side.   The best of both worlds is when you are vacillating back and forth between displaying all facets and possibilities that your soul is capable of. This is what the Twin Flames do in life while in one another’s presence.  When you reach that balanced energy state in life, then it becomes more likely that you would cross paths with your Twin Flame.  Some souls may come exceptionally close to revealing this balance, but then once they bond with the Twin Flame does that rise to a fuller balance in both parties.  “You complete me”, is a famous romantic cliché line that has a measure of truth with all Soul Mate connections, but even more so with the Twin Flames.

All souls are expected to find a happy medium where they are displaying an equal amount of balanced masculine energy with feminine energy.   This doesn’t have anything to do with male or female human gender anatomy.  Masculine energy is associated with words such as action, giving, aggression, control, and domination. Feminine energy is about traits like receiving, caring, compassion, creativity, and passive aggression.  When all human souls show an equal amount of both energies and know when or when not to display one over the other, then you have reached the center and space of where your soul is the most content in its consciousness.  It is when your soul is as whole as possible as it was when it was born into an Earthly life.

An interesting example of who displays this balance of Twin Flame masculine and feminine energy regardless of energy, would be those fictional female outlaw characters in the film, “Thelma and Louise”. If you saw that film, then you know it was Thelma and Louise against the world mirroring one another’s personalities like the Twin Souls, then swapping identities where one is the more masculine energy and the other is the more feminine, only to re-calibrate and re-balance that out by switching and exchanging personality roles in an effortless fluid transaction.   The Thelma character becomes the more masculine energy when Louise has fallen into the feminine energy of emotion that causes her to give up hope in that hotel room after discovering their hard earned money has been stolen by the cowboy drifter played by Brad Pitt.  

Thelma and Louise were inseparable best friends lacking in the deep kind of romantic love they had with their boyfriend or husband.  It was with each other as best friends that they had that kind of love that transcends beyond the physical attraction you have between yourself and the mate of your choice.  Thelma and Louise become liberated and experience a soulful kind of freedom neither had felt before.   Coming together in the way they did coaxed their true natures to take flight just by being in one another’s presence in an unforeseen dramatic circumstance. 

This has nothing to do with the fictional crimes committed in the film or the fact that they were fleeing from the law.  This went deeper and beyond that part of the story, but the underlying focus was rather the spiritual essence moving between their souls that propelled them to keep going and soar off that cliff in the end of heightened transformation that only a Twin Flame union could produce.

It’s helpful to describe the energies by using two people of the same gender.  Using the general accepted point of view with the image of a human man and a human woman coming together causes confusion leading one to believe this is the vision of a Twin Flame.  To see the Twin Soul, one must look beneath the human anatomy and gender to note the soul’s overall energy force.

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Opening the Pathway to Divinity

Connecting with my Divine Spirit team through Channeling sometimes requires taking a deep breath in if I’m not relaxed, followed by shutting my eyes on the exhale.  The second my eyes close, the connection is dramatically established as if pushing an electrical plug into a wall socket that creates a spark.  The initial connection entails being immediately catapulted through the air similar to a cannonball firing.  It can move in numerous ways where I’m soaring at lightning speed through the vortex portal only to slam into an ocean plummeting downwards deeper and faster into its dark watery depths that accelerates in a fashion comparable to a rocket gaining steam, then the messages float in.  

One of the other ways is the missile firing is followed by a bomb explosion going off leaving me surrounded by brilliant shining bright white light.  This is only to realize I’ve been moving at rapid speed within it.  The light breaks apart and dissolves into billions of stars. This interstellar display evaporates and the laws of human physics are defied as I ascend higher by means of what some call astral travel and projection.  This intergalactic travelling through light years of galaxy and space is where the messages sift into my consciousness.   

I have no idea where I’ll be taken until I shut my eyes only to discover my vessel is travelling upwards or downwards.  The chilling transporting happens if I’m sent into the depths of the ocean, as there is a few second shock and fear of potential drowning.  This is followed by a heaviness that luckily subsides into contentment the further I plunge into its intense profoundness. Crossing into the portal I’m surrounded by council in a comfortable gigantic wave of strengthening love like being hugged to death.  Everything grows exceedingly calm while in its brilliant transcending radiance.

Your Vibration and Consciousness

Your consciousness needs to be awakened enough to allow you to see profound truths.  No one can awaken your consciousness except you.  It is the individual soul’s job to do the work, research, study, and experience in order to strengthen your soul essence.  This means not following the masses, but breaking away from the collective to find your personal soul path.  

You are made up of energy the same way everything is made up of energy.  How you direct that energy will dictate the essence of what will come back to you. If your feelings and thoughts are negative, then what is soon brought into your life is what matches that vibration. If your thoughts and feelings are positive, then this is the energy that is eventually brought into your life. There is no set time frame on how quick or slow something of equal or greater value to the energy matched with your feelings and thoughts is brought into your life. 

A raised vibration coupled with life experience helps in awakening your consciousness. When your consciousness is awakened, you view Earthly life with a broader perception.  Suddenly Earthly life in general appears trivial and superficial. You may start to feel permanently disconnected from it, isolated, and set apart from the norm.  While this might cause you to stumble into a depression, understand that these are clues that your consciousness is expanding.  

A raised consciousness gives you a wider perception that allows room for stronger cognitive input.  This is the area where information from above falls into and is planted.  

Your vibration is made up of undetectable cells to the human eye. These cells fluctuate and change colors depending on your mood, your thought processes, who you surround yourself with, as well as what you ingest into your body.  Your vibration is an invisible energy field that exists within the DNA of your soul, aura, and physical body.   You are in control of this vibration energy field.  It is up to you to oversee this vibration energy and dictate how well you would like it to function.  

It’s the same way you control other parts of your life such as the car you drive, to the house or apartment you live in, and so on.  When you maintain your car, then you ensure it runs smoothly with routine check-ups, oil changes, checking the tire pressure, etc. This is similar to you taking care of your physical health as best as possible from getting regular check-ups, to watching the diet you consume, exercising regularly, to your overall daily state of mind.   Taking care of your physical body affects your spiritual body.  It’s watching your thoughts and feelings to ensure they are on the positive side.  All of this affects how bright or dim the energy field of your vibration radiates. 

A High and Low Vibrational State

Your vibration can drop when you fall into a challenging negative state, which will happen on occasion.   You get caught up in the routine and day-to-day practicalities of life and experiences that it leaves no room to check up on you, and how you’re doing, and what your soul needs.  The soul craves nourishment and the ego will at times interfere prompting you to reach for toxic substances to temporarily feed it, but which ultimately drain you leaving you wanting more.

When your vibration is low, you feel and experience negative feelings such as anger, depression, stress, irritability, and so on.  When your vibration is high, you feel euphoric feelings of joy, love, peace, and contentment.  

While in a higher vibration state, you’ll find that what you desire moves into your vicinity quicker than if your well-being state was on the negative side.  Your psychic intuitive awareness then grows allowing the heavenly spirit answers, messages, and guidance to come into your consciousness and through your psychic clair channels on a clearer level.  The messages and guidance you receive is what helps you make sounder choices in your life. 

A vibration in spiritual concepts is your overall emotional well-being and energetic state.  Feelings such as depression, anger, and guilt lower your vibration, but if you’re feeling joyful, in love, and centered, then your vibration begins to rise.  The lowest vibrational state includes feelings of anger, stress, or depression. Watch out if you’re experiencing a combination of all three at once.  

The highest vibrational states are feelings of peace, joy, and love.  It isn’t a surprise that those traits are synonymous with the Christmas holiday season as a reminder to not forget your natural state of being.  Experiencing all three of those states at the same time makes you a high vibrational powerhouse!   Love is the highest vibrational state possible, so always revert to raising your emotional state to that of love.   

You are born in a perfect state of high vibrational energy. Somewhere along the way rough tumultuous Earthly life circumstances shake your faith while knocking your vibration down in the process.  When you’re conscious of when this happens, then you can quickly re-align your vibration.  I understand how hard that can be for those that live tougher stress filled lives.  No one is exempt from Earthly life challenges, including the rich and famous.  Even they are faced with their own challenges that might be similar or dissimilar to yours on a personal level outside of having financial riches.  It’s tough for some people to feel sympathy for someone who is financially well off, but no one is above or below anyone else in spiritual truth.  No one gets a free pass from Earthly life challenges.  Some of those challenges are ego self-induced, while others are spiritual lessons to help you grow and evolve.  

Be mindful of your well-being state whenever possible, because a low vibration alters the energetic field around you.  This blocks both divine guidance and positive circumstances from entering your vicinity.  It tampers with your life on a spiritual and physical level.  Being in a perpetual negative mood state can have health related consequences.  When you have a high vibration, then positive experiences flow into your life.  Your psychic antennae with the Other Side is also sharper where you’re able to pick up on the messages and guidance coming in swiftly than if you were in a low vibration state.    


Seeking the Path Towards Enlightenment

The lifelong battle with demons in my personal life is always matched with those from beyond the veil consistently pointing me towards the Light. When touched by the power, it is unconditional love experienced that no words can describe.  The soul is overwhelmed in that radiance when enveloped in its arms.  The answer to the question of the meaning of life is always the same.  The answer is LOVE.

The more enlightened you become, and the more you raise your consciousness, then the better off you'll be.  This doesn't mean that you'll be stress free, but you'll certainly experience less stress while being able to efficiently navigate through the treacherous waters of the practical world easier than if you did not have that raised consciousness.  

Imagine if every human soul found the gift of love within them. No one would need to be here since that would be Utopia.  When you find the space of love and learn to keep it there and revert to it when possible, then the closer you are to creating Heaven on Earth.  It’s a beautiful thing when one soul awakens another in a positive way just by being in their presence.  

The rays of God’s Light activate the soul propelling you into a Utopian paradise and beyond.  The ultimate Nirvana is surpassing that perfection through methods a limited consciousness could ever dream possible.  This is the exceptional glory your soul was born into before the dense turbulence of Earthy life enveloped and suffocated you.  

Deep down every soul longs to re-attain and achieve that blissful excellence that gives the impression of unabashed joy and serenity. It is a condition where unwavering love and harmony surround you in a protected cushion. Transcending beyond the dull insensible frustrated Earthy life and into the natural condition the soul once habited is a goal that delights.  It reminds the soul of where it came from.  You runaway and travel around the globe searching for a sign of this utopia, only to be consistently left with disappointment.  This is because utopia begins and ends inside the spark that burns within your soul like a pilot light.    

Examine the negative emotions that initially impede your soul’s movement.   Start within and visualize this pilot light being ignited to the degree conceivable of generating a wildfire that expands in an explosion purging and clearing away all of the darkness the ego consistently loses itself in. 

Attracting in Abundance

Twin Flame Soul Connections

The Vibrational Discord

Between You and Abundance

When one hears the word abundance, they may automatically equate it to being blessed with a plentiful overflowing amount of money, finances, and riches that equates to a big lottery win. Having enough money to survive comfortably enough on this physical plane is part of obtaining abundance, but it’s not the destination purpose to thrive for.  You could work hard to make enough money to the point you are set for life, but that won’t necessarily equate to happiness.  The journey should be enjoyed as much as reaching the destination.   If it’s not, then what will happen once you reach that destination?   You’ll be constantly starving for more obtainment.   

Human beings have been trained and taught to accumulate material and physical gratification over anything else.  Thriving to create and produce what you love is one positive element to abundance, but this is about the obsession to achieve more finances. Chasing a dollar to have more money you do nothing positive with is not a goal to thrive for.  For some it becomes hyper mania to obtain additional finances even though they are already financially comfortable enough for life. If there are any positives to chasing finances, it is to improve the quality of life for yourself, which subsequently enables you to be free to help others.  This might be done through things like humanitarian work, charity giving, or you have a staff to employ and need to take care of.  By that turn, you’re ensuring the survival of more than one person that relies on that paycheck to pay their bills.  At the same time, chasing anything usually pushes it further away from you.  It’s the nature of the way energy attraction tends to operate.

The intention God has for your soul on Earth is to thrive spiritually.  You may not be a spiritual person or have any spiritual or religious beliefs, but you are having a spiritual experience regardless if you believe in anything beyond your physical body.  When your life run is up and your body dies, your soul carries on with the knowledge and lessons gained through that one life experience.  Your soul will not take any material or physical content that you’ve collected during this lifetime.  The intention Spirit has for you is to crave ongoing knowledge during this temporary Earthly living situation set up.  It is not to settle for mediocrity or the superficial that your human peers feed others daily for consumption.   What’s being fed to the masses may be what results in being a number one top trending mark on the social media charts, but the second you die all of that is obsolete and worthless.  

The darkness of ego loves drama and gossip, both of which give one a temporary high that pulls it out of boredom.  A human being that shuns boredom is usually due to partaking in productivity.  They are too busy being creative to pay attention to what the masses are complaining about on social media.

Your soul’s higher self is the closest element to God.  Deep down your soul desires spiritual fulfillment that cannot be filled up through temporary superficial vices, material, physical, or instant gratification.   In my twenties, I was the master at experiencing desires when I wanted it, but like the spiritually based U2 rock song I would keep saying afterwards, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."  

This is because those passing pleasures were still leaving me empty.  The ego, or the Devil as some call it, says that you don’t need to continue working to improve.   His intention is to hold you back and keep you down.  He cannot stand it when you seek to achieve knowledge, raise your consciousness, and rise above and beyond human shallowness.  When your soul grows smarter and more equipped, then he loses a potential soldier to the Light.  

Certain countries continue to frown upon women from learning.  The United States used to be like that through history on up until the 20th century when the breaking point was scheduled to push that and much more out into the open.  Enormous technical progress was made in a large way during that century including the change in many attitudes leaning more towards accelerated progressiveness compared to centuries past.   This has its blessings and challenges.  The 21st century is destined to see chaos, drama, and corruption due to the rapid way that information is spread through a technical device.  On the one hand connecting with others is made easier, but on the other hand it invites in perpetual “noise” as my guides call it.

I’ve forever been fascinated with taking things apart to see how they function and operate. This carries over to my interest in the human condition from as early on as childhood.  This included me asking the deeper questions.  Why do groups of people behave a certain way while together, but behave differently as an individual?   The complex dynamics of how one operates is captivating.   I like to get into the brain chemistry mechanics of understanding how it functions from one person to the next.   This assisted me in becoming a master at the complex art of studying the psychology of human behavior.

When the higher self’s soul is not running the show in its Earthly life, then it is the ego in the human physical body that is dominating.  From a basic standpoint, human beings function in a primal manner, much like animals in a jungle.  Human beings move in herds in a single file, which to one extent is basic common courtesy etiquette. Most people tend to telepathically know to stay on one side of a sidewalk as another person coming towards them is on the opposite end of the sidewalk.  When driving a car, you’re trained to stay in your lane, even though I’m sure you may argue that some don't even do that.   Friends have visited certain foreign countries like in the Middle East where there doesn’t seem to be any laws of driving.  They’ve informed me it’s complete chaos with horns consistently blaring angrily.  People driving in wrong lanes while others are gunning it on foot in the middle of the road amidst the sea of cars aimed in different directions.  Imagine what that does to your psyche over time.  

When we’re not observing common courtesy etiquette of a single file line, then chaos is born through the aggravation of senselessly bumping other souls.  The second you bump into another person, both of your energies have latched onto one another. If it was a toxic person you walked passed in this manner, then some of your Light energy has touched them.  The challenge is some of their toxic energy has infiltrated your aura, which you will carry with it throughout the day unless you release it immediately.   

Human beings in general have their basic day-to-day routine of waking up, getting ready for the day, hopping in the car dressed up and moving with the pack to get to their jobs.  People will mark their territories and surroundings the way an animal might. They will get possessive of a mate the way some animals in the animal kingdom do.  They will fight to dominate and obtain power the way certain animals do.  There are a wide variety of complex emotions that are affected by the surroundings of human beings.  This can cause the soul confusion as it attempts to navigate through life in the most comfortable way possible.  For the more sensitive and in tune souls, they’ll experience this aggravation on a higher level.  On the one hand a psychic sensitive person can be a gift, but the curse is moving through the Earthly jungle with others who aren’t as in tune, and instead overstep their boundaries with you.

Like animals in the jungle, human beings are in a human jungle they created on God’s creation.  They will operate in ways that are similar to that of an animal in a jungle.  From that perspective, it can appear to be somewhat caveman like, perhaps even barbaric and animalistic in some circles or areas on the globe, and almost limited in another sense.  It’s interesting that many long to have a world where everyone is accepted, but when you examine how people behave, you find they adapt to the culture and surroundings of their physical environment.  

When someone desires people to behave on the planet, what they sometimes mean is they want them to have the same values and behavior traits as they do.  We all do it to one degree or another, and most of the time we’re not even conscious of it.  Sometimes what others insist on is helpful and on the mark.  This can be noticed when you take a step back to examine what they’re asking others to do that can be positively beneficial for all involved in the end.  

There are a small percentage of people within individual cultures and tribes that will break away from that.  Transcending out of the group mentality they were trained and developed in early on.   Sometimes they may flee that group only to place itself into another group that they will go along with.  Hopping from one reality and into another version of their current reality, but never truly finding their authentic soul self.   Even if they find that tribe, they may still withhold certain personal views for fear of being ostracized, judged, and criticized by certain members in this new group.  Somewhere in this physical human casing there is a soul consciousness that has the ability to rise above certain animalistic characteristics and see the broader picture. 

The soul has the capacity to absorb a wealth of knowledge. It has the power to bring in what it desires into its current reality.  This starts with a thought, a dream, and a foresight that begins to grow and expand into an intensified crystal clear vision.  What many are longing or fighting for in this human jungle is a profusion of love and abundance.

Seeking abundance is not a new concept and nor is it one that the spiritual new age communities invented, even though it’s been made popular in modern times by the spiritual communities.  The longing for abundance goes back to biblical days.  There are numerous positive quotes and passages pertaining to abundance in the controversial book that is both loved and hated called the Bible.  It includes passages that urge you to follow Christ in order to reap rewards and gifts.  He wants you to have an abundant life, which is more than the quest for financial earnings or money.   

Some religions detest the abundance and law of attraction theories discussed in spiritual circles, but in essence they are also lured into this abundance seeking.  They want the physical material rewards and gifts as well, which is why they follow Christ.   Non-believers also desire rewards and gifts, which is why they are also drawn into teachings of abundance.   This is all because it is basic human nature to want some measure of material to survive on the planet.   

Most every conscious being is aware you need to make money to be able to obtain food, clothing, and housing.   If it’s a struggle to attain those basic human survival necessities, then life can be stressful.  Therefore, it’s understandable that you long to be able to have enough finances to comfortably survive.   One of the first steps for all human beings is the awareness that you need to obtain money to physically survive.   All in Heaven understand this plight as well too.  You’re not a demon because you long and need to make money to endure.  It’s only when that longing and need turn into greed that it falls into a deadly sin.  Not the kind of sin where you’ll be sent to Hell.   This sin falls into the realms of the true darkness you’re pulled under through a misguided quest that results in getting your soul nowhere in the end.

The traits of happiness and love are traits that every soul on the planet personally longs for.  It’s become a struggle for many to reach that state of happiness.   They wind up chasing after butterflies and mirages that appear to be enticing as the answer to revealing these riches.   The density of the Earth’s atmosphere places enormous pressure on the soul that causes communication blockages with the Divine. It messes and tampers with your emotions in trying to find that centered space of peace where you have everything you could ever want.  You spend your entire life pursuing those pretty dreams hoping and praying for some blessing or miracle.   The answer is in your hand, in your mind, and in your feelings.  It is in your soul burning like a raging fire screaming to make that Divine connection where you are transcended into an authentic feeling of joy, love, and peace.  

True abundance in the eyes of God, Higher Beings, Heaven, myself, and my Spirit team’s perspective in modern times is more than longing or dreaming of having boundless money filtering through your life.   This is the case even though it’s understood that money is needed to make certain things happen in life.  It’s needed to physically survive on the planet.  You have to pay your rent or mortgage, you have to eat, you need clothes to wear.   Those are considered necessities and essentials for basic human survival.  This doesn’t include physical body upkeep from Doctor’s appointments to Dental appointments.  There are people who don’t have access to either of that.

True abundance is living an existence where you are functioning in the highest soul vibration possible.   You are filled with God and Spirit’s love.  It is overflowing to the point that you experience upbeat high vibrational emotions like joy, peace, and love.   It is impractical in today’s world to be in that state non-stop every second, even though you can imagine how awesome life would be if that were humanly possible.  

You are human right now living an Earthly life with physical longings and desires to feel comfortable.  You have emotions and thoughts that move up and down from the positive to the negative and back around again.   Even the happiest joyous person on the planet will feel sad, angry, depressed, or stressed from time to time.  This is all dependent on what’s taking place in your life on any given day. 

It can also be dependent on whether you battle with mental health issues.  There are statistical claims pointing to 450-500 million people battling some form of mental health disorder.  That should come as no surprise as it’s an insane world with never-ending noise and issues taking place every single second.  Most of that at the hands of other people and with a great deal of that in front of you on places likes social media and news sites.  If you were the only person on the planet, sure maybe it might get a bit lonely, but you can also likely admit that it would be somewhat on the peaceful side.  There would be no arguing, fighting, whining, stirring up drama, gossip, or trouble.  You’d more than likely be residing in some state of serenity.

If everyone followed the mantra of functioning without stress, obscenity-ridden judgments, and instead chose to live in a joyful peaceful compassionate state, then this would be a utopian paradise.   This is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Especially considering that the planet is centuries and more into humanity’s progression and life on Earth, and yet the globe is still unable to revert to love as the core manner of communicating with others.  Discord has been ripe with relentless fury since the first human beings walked the Earth. It has never lightened up.   

Humanity has a tough time in thinking and feeling in love. This isn’t about being 100% positive 24/7, as that is an impossible feat even if your general disposition is a happy content positive one.  It does mean going back to the mantra that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything.  It does mean that when you’re experiencing negative or challenging anything, then take the time to move through that.  Examine what it is that has taken place in your life that has thrown your world off kilter.   

As you run your life like a strict executive, look to see if the upset is warranted or misplaced.   If you were on your way to work and got into a car accident, then yes your upset is warranted.  If a top trending story is a controversial one about a public figure you don't know personally, then your upset is misplaced.  Your feelings and thoughts in your day to day world have a profound effect on whether or not the flow of abundance is moving towards or away from you, so be mindful and aware of your overall state of being.