Q:  What are the positives and challenges to writing books?

A:  The positives are that it’s therapeutic and exceptional in releasing any pent up repression in a healthy creative way.  It also gives me an outlet to satisfy my creative nature and be inventive.  Each book I produce is looked upon like it’s a painting.   The blank pages are the canvas and the divinely guided words are the paint.  The books are written for myself first before sharing the information with others if they’re guided to it.  It’s also a great way for me to hang out with God and my Spirit team accessing this information and getting it on the page.   We’re in conversation and spending a great deal of time together throughout the process.  It’s tons of fun for me in that respect because I feel connected to home or Heaven as some call it.

The challenges are that each book takes a toll on me.   It’s draining emotionally, physically, and mentally.   It takes a great amount of discipline to connect in order to create and get the information on the page.  It can be difficult aligning my body soul instrument to connect for many hours at a time.  The information is written in long drawn out chunks on a regular basis, which isn't easy to do in that state.   I'm super protective of it regardless if the book is liked by anyone or not.  

The process of writing a book is ultimately fulfilling, but there are challenges wrapped around that.   I write in grand spurts, so I'm in a high vibrational state while writing, then there is a point where the connection fades or is interrupted and is lost and I come out of it completely drained.   I’ve collapsed on the floor afterwards due to the life force energy being sapped from me.  

This is part of the numerous reasons I’m a lifelong advocate for physical fitness and exercise, which I’ve been doing regularly since I was a teenager.   I know the benefits of it on my well-being, but it's also to keep up my endurance and strength to do what I agreed to do.  Writing books isn't the only thing I do.  I'm busy every day of my life.  There isn't a minute where I'm not doing anything.  Boredom isn't in my vocabulary.   It's been like that since I was child. There's always something to do.


Q: Do you offer readings or consultations?

Not anymore.  My life is jam packed and busy as it is that I found reading and consulting was time consuming.  It’s draining on all levels the same way I’m drained when I write.    I love the reading craft and have friends that do that for a living, but giving readings left little time to devote to the things that are more important to me.   It is my writing and teaching work that is my life purpose, ultimate passion, and interest.   I reach more people writing books than offering individual readings.  It is the deeper writing work I do that is out there in print indefinitely long after I’m gone that has a stronger impact in helping others than conducting readings or consultations.   I prefer to teach through the written word - that way the common answers can be found throughout my works for more than one person.   I also found that through my work that it helps others become stronger people and souls in mind, body, and spirit to help them have a keener connection with God on their own.  This simultaneously gives them a stronger psychic communication line where you can go directly to God for answers. 

Q: The topics you write have been diverse from love relationships to horror to spiritual.  Do they ever criss-cross?

A: I’ve forever teetered back and forth between the light and dark walking that fine line between both.  You can’t fully understand the Light if you’re afraid, fearful, or shy away from the Darkness.  Having lived in the Darkness helped me master the concept of leading people out of the Darkness and into the Light.   There are some that prefer to remain completely in the upbeat joyful light while disregarding or ignoring anything that isn’t light filled.  This has caused struggle for some who end up repressing and ignoring the negativity they're experiencing instead of facing it and dealing with it.

Q: What is your writing process like?

A: Extensive.  I function like an Olympic athlete.  I have to ensure I’m operating from the highest vibration possible when in writing mode.    This means ensuring that I’m disciplined about my life choices.   I’ve been aiming to get at least eight hours of sleep each night since I was a teenager.   Even when I was coordinating film productions for the studios, my sleep schedule was strict.  On (the Warner Bros. feature film) “The Perfect Storm” for example, once we started shooting I was on set at 7 am and when that clock struck 7 pm, I was out of there regardless of where we were on the shooting schedule.  I’d be back in bed by 930pm in order to wake up at 530 am.  That’s a grueling schedule.  I was on the shoot for a year, but six months of that year we were filming on that schedule.  That’s how strict I can be to ensure I’m operating at optimum levels.   And I was 26 years old at the time.  It's not typically that common for someone in their 20’s to be that strict necessarily, but I was running a film production that had 800 crew members with the studio checking in daily.  There’s no messing around with that, but we did have fun while we worked.  It wasn't all strict and discipline.  I'm a known practical joker and inject fun into everything I can.


Q: How long on average does it take you to write a book?

A:  It varies from manuscript to manuscript.  For some books the first draft can be completed in a month, while others can take much longer on up to a year.  There is no definitive time pattern between each.   "Realm of the Wise One" took three weeks.  "Paint the Silence" took a month.  "Warrior of Light" took six months.  So there's no default time frame for me.  

Q: Do you try more to be original or deliver readers what they want?

A: I write what I'm guided to write first, but I also pay attention to the common issues and questions people have.  I then tend to incorporate the answers in the work somehow if it fits so that it's always there for whoever is looking for it.  


Q: Why do you think readers have been taken by your work?  They read one of your books and suddenly want to read other books by you.

A:  There are also people who aren't interested in the work.  There's no such thing as Universal love on Earth the way there is back home in Heaven.   For those that do gravitate to it, I'm always surprised when I receive notes from people praising the work and that it's helped them positively in some way.  This means the content is inspiring, empowering, and relatable regardless of ones personal belief system.  If it inspires and empowers me while working on it, then it could safely be assumed that it would inspire some others.  

I was stunned to find that people who weren’t necessarily spiritual or didn’t have any faith based belief system in place found that they were moved by some of my works.  It helped them make positive decisions in their life that they kept brushing aside, so I learned that Spirits information was Universal, even if some are not ready for the material or don't care for it.  Even though my team has said that just because you don't like what you're hearing or reading doesn't mean you don't need it.  Plus the way we communicate is strong and direct, which WILL turn off the easily rattled and offended.

When I first started writing spiritual content I was doing it for myself.  It was content I wanted to talk about.  Soon the letters from readers started to come in and that was what clued me in that it was having a positive impact on so many people.   Wearing the author hat I have to work in isolation even though I’m a highly communicative and sociable person outside of that job.   I have to turn that switch off when it’s time to get to business.   When I’m creating I’m not paying attention to anything else, so I have no idea that something is impactful until I’m told.   I'm a temperamental artist feeling every nuance of energy from all facets of this plane and beyond.  It makes me feel disconnected and isolated from it all.   As a writer, I'm also in my head quite a bit, which is not always a fun place to be.

Someone recently pointed out that my work seems to have a bit of spirituality, a bit of the religious energy, a bit of the practical.  There’s something in it for everyone and it’s non-judgmental.   My readers are literally from all walks of life.  That’s not just an empty statement.  They actually are.  I receive fan notes from people who are on opposing sides of the political spectrum. I receive notes from teens on up to senior years, male and female, from all over the world in different countries.  I receive notes from people that are straight, gay, and everything in between.  God's work through me is Universal.  It touches on the light and dark that everyone deals with internally or externally on some level.  I can be talking about God in one piece, to the angels in another, to the psychic stuff, to Heaven in another, to strengthening your soul, to practical Earthly matters, to love, sex, relationship and dating advice, and on and on.  I’m a jack of all genres.   If you don’t like one thing I wrote, you might like something else.  This is part of having Gemini in your 10th House Mid-Heaven of Career.   Those guys are big on communicating on many levels.

Q:  What was your most difficult content to write?

A:  The stuff on child abuse in "Reaching for the Warrior Within" and "Stay Centered Psychic Warrior".  Before I wrote spiritual books, I was writing about love and relationships as well as horror.  The rape murder scene in my horror book “Paint the Silence” was a particular section that was hard to write.  The rape was necessary in order to understand what activates the killer into vigilante mode.  I needed something horrific and catastrophic to happen that would propel him forward to the degree he did.   Even though the book is an easy young adult read, it was hard to write that one in general due to the constant bleak darkness, pain, and horror.  My mind is in the headspace of whatever the book is about.   Horror, dramas, thrillers are challenging genres to live in.   I experience things as if they're happening to me, so with the rape segment I was both the brutal rapist killer and the one being raped simultaneously, so that's a double whammy psychologically.   I had to take a long break after that was complete.   I couldn't imagine having to act either character part on a film set.  That day on set would be tough emotionally, mentally, and physically for either part.   I put everything that I am into whatever I'm doing.  That would be the case if I'm an actor.   I'd be one of those actors that would dive too deep into the character and I can’t turn something like that off on “Cut”.   I find abuse of any kind repulsive, so obviously that was the content that was difficult to write.

Q:  What would you say is your favorite book of yours?

A:  "Stay Centered Psychic Warrior".  Because it's personal.

Q:  What prompted you to write metaphysical spiritual books?  That’s the genre you are most known for now.   I’m sure you wrote related material for free first because it’s natural for you and it came from a place of love, but what prompted you to take a risk to discover how to support yourself with it?

A:  I never thought of writing any of my books as being a risk.  That’s never crossed my mind at all.  My first official book I wrote was all gay characters and I was told not to do that.  It was considered offensive and graphic in places, even though I saw it as a love story.  If I want to do something I do it and don't think about much else.  I do what I’m guided to do and I trust that.   I don't pay any attention to the noise.   I've never done anything because people wanted me to. 

I knew I’d be writing books since I was a child, but I also knew that I couldn’t just start writing books out of the gate and that I’d have to get some kind of “day job”.   Since I never could do anything without having a passion for it, I had to think of what kind of day job I'd enjoy, and get paid for it. 

The film business was shown to me when I was sixteen, so I set out to try and get a day job in that industry to make money to physically survive.  It took me from age 16-23 to make it happen.  I had turned 23 and got that lucky break as they call it within weeks after that.  I was hired as a development assistant to actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s now dissolved company.  That was the first time I started getting paid to write.   Because part of my role was reading scripts and writing coverage on it.   It was the creative side of the business.

As for the books, I was never thinking that the money would come rolling in.  It’s like any artist whether you’re a writer, actor, singer, painter, and so forth.  You love the creative work, but not everyone is able to make it a lucrative career.   I was aware of all that, but didn’t care because I would do it for free regardless if anyone bought it or not.  I just started doing the work because I enjoyed it.   Gradually over time the work started to sell, so that was just the icing on the cake, and I am blessed and grateful for that and for my readers for that support.  I'm happy to hear that it's helping people in some way.


Q: One of the things pointed out about you is that you’re not vocally political about anything on social media.  What’s the reasoning behind that?

A:  I’ve never had any interest about shoving that down people’s throats that follow me.  I find that to be of poor taste, because you’re either preaching to the choir or you’re not.  I have a fan base that are on all sides of the political spectrum and I respect that and them.  My view of Earthly matters tends to be Spirit's view, which is higher and above the triviality that the human ego is obsessed with.   I have friends that are in the political scene, but we're respectful of our differences with that.  We don't talk about that much.  I'm not a politician.  I'm a metaphysical writer.

Q:  What's a misconception about you and what's true about you personally?

A:  As open as I am in my writing, I'm not that open in person.   I'm self-preserved, protective, guarded, and difficult to get close to.   I've been told I'm more intense and rougher around the edges than people thought I would be.   I'm on guard and cautious about anyone that approaches me for various reasons, but I'm extremely loyal to those I trust.  My friends have been around me for years and even decades.   We have a mafia like loyalty.    At my core, I like to have fun and kick back with those close to me while I'm hesitant to those I don't know.  I'm super sociable with those around me and I have no filter.   Some of my friends and I have long conversations in-person or on the phone for hours, so we can be talkers.   One of the elements that my own Spirit team seems to enjoy about me is my humor, which can be offensive to some and direct.  They want me to write a comedy book, but I don't know about that yet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most difficult part of your artistic creative writing process?

A: The beginning stages of a book.  The blocks that are erected preventing the page from being filled with something.  There can be emotional, mental, and physical strain.  Once the connection with God and my Spirit team is made, then pandora's box opens and I'm off and running.  The book gets easier at that point pending there are no interruptions.  My writing process is extremely rigorous.  

Q:  What are some important things to you?

A:  My daily relationship with the Divine.  Love, family, and friendships.  Music, physical activity, road trips, and nature hangouts and sabbaticals.

Q:  When did you know you'd be writing spiritually based books?

A:  I’ve been spiritually connected and otherworldly since I was a child.  I knew I would eventually be writing about metaphysical topics in greater depth, but it wasn’t something I initially wanted to write about or teach. In fact, I continued to put it off for about two decades from my teen years until my thirties.  My interest was in writing about love, dating, sex, and relationships, since those personal physical and soulful unions with others were most important to me.  It wasn’t writing about God or spiritual related empowering concepts, even though my connections have always been strong and evident to others around me before all that.  There were hints of what was to come through the earlier philosophical passages that tended to be woven into what I was writing in the early years.

Growing up, spirituality and religion was solely about my individual personal connection and relationship with God. I never understood the point in sharing that or turning it into a lucrative venture as a teacher, which was what I was later branded without me realizing it.  I did foresee me doing that work as I moved out of my teens and into my twenties, but my guides circled the time frame where that would clearly kick off as being around my mid-to-late 30’s, even though one part of me scoffed, brushed it off, or denied it because I didn’t want to do that work.

What I “see” or “hear” from council, and what my ego personally feels can be two completely distinctive views, so I put up a great deal of resistance.  Luckily, as the time period when the transition would take place was approaching, I was growing less me-focused and more universally focused.  The dark egotistical narcissistic part of me was rapidly simmering down enough to reveal that one of my soul’s missions was as clear as it could be.  I knew I could no longer hold all of this knowledge that had been living in my consciousness and not share it to help people as best as possible. 

The goal, intention, and purpose they were asking of me has a larger global effect long after I’m gone, than the rebellious fun I was drawn to.  I now ultimately do my work for Him with pleasure.  I learned through the many people writing me over the years that their lives were positively changing as a result of something I said or wrote. Even if you completely change one person in a positive way, then you’ve done your job, but changing more than that was more than I expected.  It's certainly transformed me personally diving into the work on such a deeper level.  

I found a ton of old journal scrapbooks of mine in boxes that showed some of my writings as a pre-teen and teenager. Having forgot about them I was stunned as to what I was reading. They were along the lines of philosophical empowering spiritual related content, which further cemented that the information has always been with me.  In those days, there was no Internet or social media.  The spiritual movement wasn’t popular yet.  Any traces of it in those days were non-existent to minimal and on the minority side.  Regardless, the basic divine guidance information had come through me from as far back as a teenager in a shockingly profound way through all of the scribbles in these notebooks.  I've never preached any divine guidance that wasn’t whispered into my Clairaudient ear first.