Many struggle through life in an uphill battle while faced with endless resistance from surviving to achieving.   Some fight to find a state of happiness while being able to attain their dreams, while some throw in the towel and give up on existence completely.  You don’t have to go through life alone, as there is help beyond the reaches of the physical world.   Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life is a non-denominational book open to all people from different walks of life needing a strengthening of their faith with a focus on the power of prayer.   You don’t need to be religious to pray, since prayer is open to anyone willing to spend private time with God.

You can use prayer to boost your faith, reduce fear, and give you clearer Divine reception.  Prayers are similar to affirmations in that it is the intention behind the words that carry weight.  The stronger your intention with your prayers, then the brighter the light around it is.  Most people are not paying attention to the guidance and messages coming through from Heaven, nor do they understand how to recognize it, yet each and every soul has the strong capacity for receiving astonishing Divine communication hits.  As a strong advocate for prayer, spiritual metaphysical author Kevin Hunter discusses the varying ways that prayer works and how you can create a stable partnership with God and your Spirit team to achieve on all levels from the spiritual to the practical.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be pain and stress free, but it will help make life much easier and smoother when you have that robust Divine partnership. 

Some of the topics discussed in Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life include: The Power of Prayer, Being Vigilant with Prayer and Affirmations, Asking for Divinely Guided Angelic Help, Turning Prayers Into Manifestation, Creating an Abundant Life with Faith, Increasing Faith to Accomplish, Achieve, and Persevere, Complaining Into Abundance, Taking Action on Divine Guidance, Having Gratitude and Optimism, The Significance of Spirituality, Spirit Is In Your Corner, The Commanding Function of Prayer, Divine Assistance, Spiritual Text Reminders on Faith and Prayer, and much more!

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