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The point of all existence in the end is connected to love, whether that is love for another person, self-love, or universal and spiritual love.  One of the main reasons all souls are here is to learn the nature of love.  Love is to understand that even the most heinous person in your eyes has love built deep down in the core of their soul.   When you are in Heaven you truly understand what Universal love feels like.  

Love is the most powerful vibration that exists throughout all of time and space. Displaying hatred doesn’t take much effort, but to show love requires a complete soul do over in order to get back to that space your soul was born with.  Love will always cost you something, whether that's time or energy. Love will cost you pride when you need to let go of something that someone else did and extend the olive branch.

Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love examines one of the most powerful vibrations that exists and that is love.  There are divinely guided discussions on what it means to display Universal love and spiritual love.  There is a heavy emphasis on the connection nature between souls from the karmic to soul mates and twin flames, before devoting a good chunk on the practical, which is of great interest in the physical world.  The mid-section of this acts as a dating and relationship guide to finding a quality mate in a world dominated by the darkness of ego.  This is coupled with the challenges and benefits to finding and keeping love in a language that resides within the cold technology sphere.  

It would be awesome if every single person on the planet was keenly aware of their innate psychic abilities built into their soul’s DNA, because then Earth would be as close to Heaven as feasibly possible.  There would be never-ending joy, peace, and love for every soul.  Everyone would be operating from a higher vibration while moving mountains in the process.  We see this kind of amazing uplifting joy in others when they’re in a high vibrational state.  Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love has the goal and intention of filling the reader with as much as love as possible with the hope that it can motivate one soul back into their soul’s natural state of love.

Some of the topics discussed in Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love include: It’s All About Love, Creating the Life You Love, Self-Love and Self-Care, Karmic Soul Connections, Soul Mate Soul Connections, Twin Flame Soul Connections, The Benefits and Challenges of Technology Dating, Single and Longing for a Relationship, Love and Relationships, Love is a Battlefield, Seeking Love Through External Validation, Divine Soul Love, Love Yourself Back to Life, Bring Out the Good Vibrations, Universal Spiritual Love, and much more!

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