I See and Hear Dead People

I've been seeing the dead moving about since I first recalled consciousness.  Laying up at night as a five year old battling insomnia that still never ceases, I'd sit up in bed and watch spirit figures entering and exiting my room, seeing them across the playground at school, appearing next to me on a chair.  Moving about in the physical world I'm not immediately aware that the person standing beside me is technically in another plane.  This is one of the reasons I sometimes appear jumpy.  It's not the kind of jumpiness connected to fear, but jumpiness where I'm instantly startled to find someone standing next to me staring.  It's like someone saying, "Boo!" 

You would jolt for a startled beat with a quick gasp inhale.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve experienced this more times than can be counted or recorded.  It is still not something you ever get used to.  The startle is for a fleeting second when you discover someone or a spirit is standing there, then it’s brushed off as I continue on with life.

As a younger child around the ages of four to six, I was still too young to understand who they were when I was hiding from them.  My Mother would be looking for me and find me hiding in the closet peering through the cracks to see if they’ve left.  I'd explain that there is someone else in the house. 

At first she would panic, "What?  Where?" 

She'd look around.  "There's no one here.  It’s just your imagination." 

Eventually, I became more comfortable with seeing them after realizing most of them were not a threat.  Once that happened my etheric senses began to shift where their voices grew louder and Clairaudience became the dominate way they’ve communicated with me.  When you have Clairaudience, then the way that Spirit communicates with you is through the etheric hearing psychic sense channel.  To me it sounds like someone is standing next to me talking to me.   Sometimes they will shout if I’m not listening or if I’m talking to someone else and it’s important.  Other times I can be having conversations with someone about things and I hear a Spirit team council member chiming in, which prompts me to say what they’re saying out loud.  The person I’m talking to will confirm it, “Yeah, that’s right actually.  Wait, how did you know that?”

By the time I was seven and eight years old, I was fully aware of the people around me that were not human.  Today I know them to be my council or Spirit team, but as a child they had no name or label since I automatically just knew who they were via telepathy and knowingness, which is part of having Claircognizance.  I’d be playing outside with friends in childhood while occasionally hearing the voices of spirit communicating with me.  I was coming to terms with them while responding out loud.  I had to learn to tone that part down, so as not to appear as a crazy person.  Even though there are still times I’m responding out loud not thinking about it.  You’re reacting and responding the way you might if anyone approached you and was talking to you.  You would respond out loud.  I learned to do my best to keep my responses to them internally while out and about with strangers around, since Spirit are telepathic and able to hear your thoughts through that avenue anyway.  Being out with friends I don’t need to hide that as they know me and know what to expect.

As I became fully accustomed and acclimated with them by the time I was seven and eight years old, I’d sometimes venture off alone outside on my bike or through a walk in nature or somewhere quiet.  This helped me to have private conversations with them while in a nature setting.   Those were the locations I discovered where the psychic information would come through stronger.   This is also one of the reasons I’ve preached to get out into nature.  It’s more powerful than any Church without the confines of human made concrete.  This isn’t saying don’t go to Church if you enjoy that.  I knew early on they were with me wherever I was.  I felt completely safe with them and that safety has never wavered since.  They were there all throughout the childhood abuse I endured at home and through my rebellious toxic addiction years in my late teens and early twenties.  They were always there around me and have never left.  I’ve received an enormously valuable life class on the soul and psychic phenomena through them.

Growing up being able to connect with them I began to realize that no one seemed to observe the same traits of having any measurable psychic foresight, even though they have the abilities within them.  As a result, I started to feel alone and separate from others for a period of time.  This isn’t to be confused with loneliness.  I just felt set apart and solo the way a warrior soul would be.  Those that recalled me in childhood had pointed out that as a child I seemed to march around independently head up eyes forward completely serious and determined.   I stepped into those shoes naturally accepting that I was different than the human societal norms, which has never bothered me and to this day has yet to change.  

Throughout my teenage years I became the go to person for counseling by my peers.  Every clique you can imagine in High School would be coming to talk to me alone about what they were going through.  This was from the cliché titles of the geek, the jock, the techie, the cheerleader, the drama student, and onwards.   I became the kid counselor that prompted them to say the same things repeatedly with ecstatic relief, “God you always know just what to say that fixes an issue!  It’s like you’re this old soul that’s a hundred years old, but you’re this sixteen year old in High School.  It’s really cool.”

These counselor like qualities only expanded as I moved into adulthood.   There was a former boss I worked with during the film business days who pointed out that I struck him as someone that was friends with everyone in High School like the jock, the bookworm, the popular guy, the not so popular guy, the cheerleader, the valedictorian, etc.  I explained he was right and while I had my own super close trusted circle of friends, I was also friends with others beyond that.   I have no judgment or interest in popularity, so I’m not going to be friends with someone because they are part of a label or a group.  I will be friends with them based on the depths of their soul and human character.  In each of those cliques there are some of those treasured gems that reveal elements of the depths existing in their soul.  They suppressed it while in those groups, but not while with me.   People feel as if they can be as unique as they like in my presence the same way they can with Spirit.

As for the psychic stuff, there was still a sense of feeling apart from everyone else, which can feel isolating at times.  It wasn’t until the Internet started up and then social media when other similar people came forward through technology.   It’s given me some measure of reality that there are others with stronger gifts or that have spiritual related interests, but it hasn’t ever completely diminished the separate feeling that still exists.   I learned that is also the mark of a warrior who travels independently, solo, strong with leadership qualities that transcend what society is doing.  Besides in general I rub people either the right way or the wrong way, but looking for Universal acceptance has never been on my radar of interest.  The Universal acceptance I look for and always receive comes from Heaven, so that’s more than enough for me.  Universal acceptance doesn’t exist in the human reality so chasing popularity is a wasteful cause.  You’re not taking any of those social media followers, likes, reviews, or awards with you when you die.

Sometimes my Spirit team guides speak in turns and other times in unison.  Their voices have always been across the board in sounding male, female, and sometimes genderless and unknown.  Some of them are compassionate and sensitive, but there are also the task master authoritative dominating ones too.  Hearing those strong ones it was easy to detect that they were the warrior souls.  Hearing the hyper intelligent ones are the teacher souls, both of which are also known as part of the Wise One soul breed.  The compassionate sensitive ones were of the angelic variety. 

They all mostly tend to stand to my left on the side slightly behind me. They’ve mostly always communicated with me through my left ear, through the left eye in my peripheral vision, and the left side of my consciousness.  As mentioned, my human senses on the left side of my face and body are dimmer than the right, such as my left hearing is deafer than the right, and my left eye vision has always been fainter than the right.  It’s also challenging for me to sleep on the left side of my body.  The left side of me is dimmer physically, but spiritually the volume of spirit is turned way up more than the right side.  It’s a phenomenon I’ve been aware of, but never questioned since the answer is clear.  Another interesting irony is when I’ve received that rare tension headache it seems to show up on the left side of my head before the top crown and on down to the ear area.

Those that are born deaf or partially deaf tend to have a stronger clairaudience channel.  They also tend to have other senses that are double what others might have.  This is regardless of whether they believe it or not.  They can develop it easier even if they’re unaware of the gifts.  You also don’t have to work hard to turn off the physical world noises as those sounds are already turned off.   This would be the same for someone physically blind, then they would likely have a stronger spiritual sight, which is called Clairvoyance.  This is because they don’t have the distraction of physical sight.

Communicating with my Spirit team was never unusual to me.  I always assumed everyone had the same deal, and while they do, a great majority of people are unaware of it.  As a child I never thought about where they were coming from.  I wasn't thinking they were spirit beings or they were in Heaven, since there was no label that I attributed to them.  What I knew for sure was that they were definitely not human like human beings, even though they may appear like that, but I knew they were not living an Earthly life.  I knew they were close enough that it seemed as if they were right next to me.   By the time I was about nine or ten years old, I can remember envisioning them almost like officials or judges on the Other Side sitting in chairs behind a long white table.  Wherever I went they were there, and wherever I go they are with me.  There was no running from them, but not like I wanted to.  I've always thought of them as both family members and best friends that know more about me than any human being on the planet.  They have forever been able to hear my thoughts and I hear their voices in response to some of my thoughts.  I knew they were real because many of the things they'd share with me or tell me would end up later coming true.  Hearing crazy voices will not be telling you something that ends up being true.

While most of the time they are on my left, once in a rare moon they may show up on the right, but more often than not they are on the left. The clear hearing Clairaudience is strongest in my etheric left ear where the physical ear hearing is dim.  Spirit is louder in that deafer ear.  The left side of my physical body is a stronger psychic tool than the right.  None of this means that Spirit is always on the left side for every single person.  Everyone is given the gifts of psychic clair senses to be able to connect and communicate with God and Spirit through those psychic senses.   It is up to every individual on the planet to do the work to discover which of their senses are the strongest.  This is the same way that someone's Aunt has strong Clairvoyance, but their best friend has strong Claircognizance.  It's also the same way that someone who conducts readings may use the Tarot, while another may use angel cards, someone else an angel board, while another uses no divination tool except their own body.  Over the course of someone's life, they gradually discover where their own strongest gifts reside. 

Hearing others make fun of psychics only gets an internal eye roll, because it’s a redundant and untrue statement considering that they also have psychic gifts within them.  If they raised their vibration above the limited view of judgment, then they would start to pick up on it for themselves too.  Some people have to work much harder to bring that out.  You cannot be a lazy child of God never trying to evolve your soul.  Yeah, that never goes over well in the end.  

I SEE DEAD PEOPLE.  That line has always sounded silly because there is no real death.  People are not technically dead.  They are dead in the sense that the body is lifeless and no longer functioning.  It is clear there is no life or life force in the body anymore. The spirit soul that inhabited that body has been freed from that confinement.   It has been freed into another sphere of consciousness, another plane of existence, and parallel universe alongside this one. 

The dead are amongst us on Earth, but they're not dead in the way one might believe them to be dead.  They're no longer weighed down and strangled by this ego dominated false reality that force feeds a fictional superficial shallow view of human life.  The real death and Hell is living on a planet that lacks in love with minimal to no awareness or mind blowing perception.  This isn’t saying that no one is like that, because there are a great many souls on the planet that are filled with love, operate from love, and give love.  They also have enormous awareness and mind blowing foresight.  The majority on the planet however do not reside in that space.  Because if they did, then that would be evident in the physical world’s culture and it’s not.  The dominate rule on Earth is the darkness of ego.   This is why one quarter of the planet is here with a purpose to counter that with their Light.   You are a way shower in this manner even if it changes one person that ends up changing another and so forth.  This is how a mighty positive movement of change happens Universally.

We have been moving into a period where more souls are incarnating with this grand awareness of love.  There has been a growing movement of people seeking ways to find fulfillment and happiness.   Some call this the New Age, but it’s not New Age it’s the soul’s reality.  If the New Age is about displaying love, then feel free to drink a healthy helping of it.  The New Age teaches about self love and that you are your own authority.  To one extent this is true, but there is a higher authority that some call God, the Universe, Spirit, or however you choose to label it.   Many will fidget or grow uncomfortable when the word God is said.  This is due to the excessive negative way it’s been used in horrific ways by Nazi-like fanatical religious groups. They will hide behind the God or Jesus Christ name to harm, hate, and harass other people claiming they’re doing it out of love.  Regardless of what label you choose to use, God is the ultimate authority to partner with in order to find that eternal soul happiness.  Human beings cannot do everything alone and why would you want to when you have willing guardians available to help, protect, and guide you to become a stronger person and a more evolved soul in the process.

Excerpt sample from the book,
"Stay Centered Psychic Warrior"

Excerpt sample from the book,
"Stay Centered Psychic Warrior"

I don’t typically use any tools to communicate with God except my own psychic clair senses.  There may be times that I feel blocked from certain messages or I want to confirm an important message.  This is where a Divination tool like cards can help, but 99% of the time I use my own spirit soul vessel as the Divination tool.  The reason is not because I think it’s better, but because it was just how Spirit personally trained me early on. 

When I was a child and having these spiritual psychic connections, pulling cards or using a tool never crossed my mind.  I had never heard of that at age five.  They were coming through me automatically on their own and I picked up on it naturally through my soul.  It’s the dominate way I receive Divine psychic related information.  There were no lessons, classes, videos, or seminars I took, because to my knowledge they didn’t exist when I was growing up the way they do now.  When I want to receive an answer to something that I’m struggling with, then I’ll finally stop running around restlessly.  I will say to my team, “Okay, let’s talk for a minute guys.  I’m going to sit down and just have a conversation with you because I need to get some answers on this.  If we can all gather around for a few minutes.” 

I’ll then ask my questions one by one.  I ask the question, then the answer will either come in immediately before I finished the sentence, or a number of seconds afterwards.  I quickly write it down on the pad next to me and say thank you, and then ask the next question and so forth.

Close friends have recounted me making statements to them that would later come true, so they never doubted either.  When each of them were first getting to know me, they would say things like, “There's no way you could possibly know that.  That's impossible.”

This would continue a handful of times until they pointed out the consistency of the accuracies.  They eventually became used to it and know it’s just the way it is. That was another way I became a believer in what was beyond Earth, because this wasn't anything that was taught to me.  I learned from Spirit on my own.  There were no labels for them at the time.  I did not use a label on them until much later in life, but only in cases when I needed to explain to others what they are otherwise no labels are ever used.  My guides are compassionate, but extremely firm and strong.  They would have to be in order to deal with my personality, which is no easy feat for anyone.

In the Clint Eastwood film, Hereafter, the Matt Damon character plays a psychic medium that sees his gifts of communicating with Spirit as a curse more than a gift.  I found this portrayal of someone with psychic medium gifts to be more accurate for me than some of the other films that show mediums that rather enjoy communicating with the dead for others.  Other enjoyable fun Hollywood films that had fully fleshed out three dimensional Psychic medium characters were Cate Blanchett in The Gift and Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring.  I enjoyed those for being closer to accurate than some of the other films that portray medium’s as a side gag character where the psychic medium is some crazy person with a Turban chasing people down the street to warn them of some pending doom.  We saw Hollywood do this with gay characters too where they would make them the hyper flamboyant stereotypical characters as a side gag, instead of fully three dimensional characters showing all sides of someone who could be gay like a lawyer, surfer, football player, doctor, etc.  This is the same with the mediumship characters, which I’d love to see more of like Hereafter, The Gift, and The Conjuring.

Sensing and picking up on every nuance and vibration in this world and beyond causes me more instability than stability.  Not that all medium’s feel this way.  Due to my line of work, I have many friends in the spiritual fields as you could likely guess, and some of them love the mediumship and psychic work.   They get a rushed high out of it, but they are also living in some kind of seclusion or setting that is away from people.  They are just as disciplined as I am about how I navigate this planet with tempestuous human beings.  That needs to be said because most of the chaos that happens to people is from other people.  It’s not happening with the trees, animals, or plants.  It’s people that are causing that friction, not all of them, which I have to say to ensure you don’t assume I’m stereotyping. My Spirit team tends to speak in generalizations.

My faith and leaning on God is the stability I enjoy, but the rest of it is volatility.  There’s nothing fun about not being able to go to certain places because you know the energy tampering will be too rough on my psychic system.  There’s nothing exciting about being fearful of going outside knowing you’ll run into hostile dark energies in other people.  There’s nothing fun about picking up on dread that exists in other souls.  There’s nothing fun about using my friends as shields when we go to crowded places.  Having this kind of in-tune radar requires you to be exceptionally disciplined about how you navigate each day in your life.  You have to make adjustments that work and discard ones that don’t work. 

Spirit beings appear physically whole the first number of seconds from my peripheral vision.  As I become aware of their presence they dissolve into a translucent figure that tells me they are not a human being on the physical Earth plane.  They are physical back home on the Other Side, but through the separation veil between the Earth plane and Heaven and the higher realms, they come through translucent.  They may at first glance appear physical to me through Clairvoyance, but as that fades and I see them through the veil they appear translucent.  This is due to the heavy etheric substances between both planes.  It’s like seeing someone under water that it’s almost dream like.

One afternoon a friend and I were taking a road trip through a nature part of California, which I love to do.   I was driving down one of the roads and I did a double take when this woman popped up out of nowhere in front of me on the road.  I went into flight mode and swerved off the road skidding my tires in a panic to avoid hitting her.  Due to being about fifteen seconds away from ramming into her, this prompted me to react in a panic with a string of expletives. “What the….is she walking in the middle of the street for!?" 

My perplexed friend looked around out his window coming down from his panic that I induced.

"There's nobody there."  He said confused.

Hands gripped to the steering wheel as I looked out the front window and then the driver’s side window.

"She was just there."  I said equally puzzled.

Scanning the area again I pulled back noticing her re-appear on the side of the road moving towards the forest of trees where she dissolved into an opaque figure, and then faded away.  My rapid breath slowed down into a calmness, "Never mind.  She wasn’t a human being."

Mostly I brush it off ignoring it, but there are times I look like I'm crazy talking to the air or driving off the road as described.  Some of my connections and encounters are similar that it leads me to believe someone has a staring problem.  As I grow aggravated by being watched, I look again and realize it’s an angel or spirit being.  It’s uncomfortable having people stand too close to me especially someone I don’t know.  A former colleague and now friend commented that he noticed this with me. He pointed out, “When people take a step towards you, I noticed you always take a step away.”

Part of this is due to the energies I’m absorbing off them, which can be too much to take on my psychic system.  When I realize someone is staring at me I am sometimes vocal about it, "What are you looking at?" 

I turn my head realizing it's not human and then I feel only slightly ridiculous.

My Mother had also informed me that I’ve always been like that and that it’s nothing new.  She said, “When you were little and we went out, it would bother you when people were looking at you.  You would say, “What are they looking at?”

This is also part of being hyper-vigilante.  The fact that my soul is a Warrior soul in general, it would make sense that the hyper alertness was present as a child as well too.  Knights, Hunters, Soldiers, Kings, and Warriors all have that similar observant nature as they’re trained to be on guard.  Unfortunately, this also carries over to harmless episodes where someone comes in peace too.