Kevin Hunter's books featured on

the ABC hit show, "Big Sky"

DeDee Pfeiffer

"If everyone operated from their higher selves and knew they could spiritually connect and have a regular relationship with their Spirit Team around them, then there’s no telling how great this place could be." ~ Kevin Hunter


Kevin Hunter on ABC's Big Sky

The Kevin Hunter interview

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Kevin Hunter on ABC's Big Sky

Some of my books were featured on ABC's hit show, "Big Sky" produced and written by David E. Kelley.  This is all thanks to one of the actors, DeDee Pfeiffer (Michelle's sister)

ABC's "Big Sky"
Kevin Hunter on ABC's Big Sky

One of my friends Actress DeDee Pfeiffer and I got together to hide behind some Avatars and have a 30 minute talk on her podcast, "Down with DeDee".  DeDee is Michelle Pfeiffer's younger sister, also an actress who does some social work as well.  I started out in the film business working at Michelle's former production company Via Rosa in the late 1990's until she dissolved it.