Books that empower, inspire, entertain, and uplift covering a wide variety of genres for diverse audiences that include:  
Empowerment, Self-help, Metaphysical, Philosophy, Spirituality, Inspirational, Angels, Spirit Guides, Mediumship, Psychic Phenomena, Parapsychology, God, Heaven, the Spirit World, the Other Side, Addictions (drugs/alcohol), Mental Health, Surviving Abuse, Dark and light themes, Horror, Drama, Dating, Love, Sex, Relationships, Straight/Gay/Bi, Young Adult.

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The topics covered throughout the books are wide and varied.  They include but are not limited to Spirituality, Metaphysical, Parapsychology, Philosophy, Sociology, ESP, Self-Help, Love, Relationships, Paranormal, Theosophy, Prophecies, Time and Stress Management, Personal Transformation, Angels and Spirit Guides, Social Sciences, Consciousness and Thought, Heaven, The Other Side, The Spirit Worlds, Inspirational, Happiness, The Light and the Darkness, Good and Evil, Personal Growth, Success, Abuse, Mental Health, Anxieties and Phobias, Neuro Psychology, Philosophical Criticism, Motivational, Happiness, Spiritualism, Emotions, Religion, Alchemy, Creativity, Supernatural, Otherworldly Phenomena, Ethics and Morality, Social Psychology....and much more!

All books are available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold in most countries.