This was the 2nd in the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series.  I was excited to write a book that focused primarily on all things connected to the soul’s consciousness and vibrational energy, as well as the soul’s purpose.  This is especially important because it’s the reason the soul was made.  You’re not here to spend your days shopping, looking for hook ups, and bullying others..right?  There’s a reason the soul’s consciousness needs to evolve, otherwise what comes next is another repeat, and who wants that.  This was another one of my personal favorites that I find especially beneficial for the soul's journey.  This book debuted at #1 as well too.


I was already contracted to write a spiritual based book, but I put it aside to write this horror instead.  I needed to get this out of the way so to speak, so that I could focus solely on the spiritual book.   Paint the Silence was a young adult read that stunned Jagger's Revolution readers because it was nothing like the previous love crush book.   This one was a dark horror thriller story, which I wanted to do for years.  It was in development for six years, then one day I took it down and wrote the first draft within a month.  

I grew up unafraid of the darkness both in life and in the spirit world, and I've always been a horror thriller mystery fan since childhood.  I understand the dark having grown up in it and lived in it more than anyone I know.  As someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder due to the ongoing massive childhood trauma, the three main characters in Paint the Silence were selves within me.  I wanted to bring those people out for this.  They are dramatically different, but pretty phenomenal in the end.  They all vacillate between the Darkness and the Light with immense depth and intensity.  You join those forces together in order to take down a bigger monster.   That was the one of the bigger twists that readers commented about loving along with the wide variety of genres packed into one. 

This was from the primary serial killer to other issues addressed from racism, adultery, child abuse, polygamy camps, psychic phenomena, the abuse of the church, alcoholism, toxic relationships, mediumship, vigilantism, and so much more set in one of my favorite cities.  It had the back drop of New Orleans during a hurricane and the Halloween Autumn season, which I also love.  Paint the Silence ended up being popular with teens and young adults requesting that I write more in this genre like it, but I would end up writing the spiritual metaphysical books next. 


I continuously receive notes from people complaining about their struggles with their job, work life, and career.  I thought it was important to devote a book solely to the poor work life set up that humankind has ridiculously constructed eons ago and for some reason haven't bothered to change.  Humanity takes so long to change things it's embarrassing.   I also saw a rise in abnormal stress levels in more people than I ever had in my entire life here on this planet to date by this point.  A great deal of that has to do with the break your back work mentality in corporate governed countries to the endless toxic destructions that lure people to become obsessed over what is going on in the media and on social media.  All of that has an effect on your consciousness and not in a good way.   

Balance is non-existent in human life and that thought makes me physically ill - not to mention that it will make you physically ill in the long run if regular balance isn't followed.  Don't take it from spirit if you don't want to, but your Doctor will tell you at some point in your life when they see your health rapidly declining due to this abnormal stressful way of living.  I wanted to address all of those issues in one book.  This connected the spiritual with the practical, along with finding ways to bring that balance back.  This also talks a great deal about the problems that exist in the work place from being over worked to abuse in the work place, working with toxic people, etc.  There is also a section on how to take steps to change all that and find a work life that means something to you as well as making time to incorporate that balance.


This was originally part of the Realm of the Wise One manuscript, which made that way too long.  It also felt as if it were its own separate book.  That is a common occurrence with my manuscripts.  Many of them tend to be James Cameron length and have to be either edited down, cut out, or moved to another book if it works out that way.  I now think of Darkness of Ego as a follow up to Empowering Spirit Wisdom, because it deals with the core spiritual themes, but one that is directed more at how destructive the human ego is.  It's caused irreparable issues over the centuries.  All because no one knows how to pay attention to when they are running their life with the dark ego.  But that is the danger of the dark ego, it's ruled by the darkness, which will blind you from the truth.  The goal of the darkness is to take you down.  Due to a personal break up that happened months prior to this book, I needed time to process the relationship split.  It was also the first time I threatened to quit writing spiritual books.  After this book was turned in, I disappeared from writing back to back manuscripts for a long while.


Love Party of One was going back to my roots when I used to write self-help love and relationship columns.  This time I intertwined it with spiritual and practical concepts.  Having received so many questions from readers regarding love and relationships issues, I found they were all pretty common problems.  I wanted to address them all in one book.  Love Party of One has been praised by teachers citing that it should be required reading in Junior High School and High School early on to help the up coming generations from making the repetitive mistakes that people continue to make in dating and relationships.   

I still see people making the same mistakes and having the same issues in dating and relationships.  If they read this book, then they might be further along in being helped with all that, but I can't make someone pick up a book to read for the answers. I've done the work by connecting with spirit, using my vast knowledge of street smarts experience, having been around the block more times than I can count, have had endless long conversations with people from all walks of life interviewing them, gathering information, studying it all, and putting it in a book so that it can help someone.   


After the previous book, I had disappeared and vanished from view for over a year.  I had quit being an author and was done.  This was the longest break I had ever taken between books, then I re-emerged with Transcending Utopia.  Showcasing a more polished and mature spirituality in writing and in tone, so the long break was beneficial.  This ended up being a surprise best seller attracting in a new more mature audience.   This focused a great deal on the vibrational consciousness and the point of existence connected with the soul’s purpose.  This was one of my personal favorite books.  Being a modern day practical man with half of my self residing in the depths of the spiritual world. 


After the tougher content in Monsters and Angels and Living for the Weekend before that I needed to get back to love, so that’s why Twin Flame Soul Connections flew to the top of the development pile.  It had been a book in development for many years following the release of my earlier Soul Mates and Twin Flames book.  By this point there was so much mythology and false information being raved and praised on Twin Flames on social media, media, and blogs that was causing confusion for others.  My in-box was consistently being flooded with questions about Twin Flames and the confusion people were having over something they read.  I have no control over what people are saying about it out there.   The timing was right to address it all in a book and be done with it.  I was excited to devote a book that was specifically all about twin flames and soul connections, but I needed to knock it out of the park and keep going to the content I really wanted to write.


I lived so much life before age 25 with my reckless behavior, with the abuse, the drugs, and alcohol.  Leading up to that age I'd thought I'd be dead and was shocked when 25 came and went.  This caused me to emerge out of all that ferociously stronger than before.  My friendships are also a mafia like brotherhood that would take a baseball to anyone that bothered me.  I wanted to showcase that friendship loyalty juxtaposed with my home at a Southern California beach.  As a love addict, it also had to primarily be a love story about having a love crush on someone that’s so severe you can’t breathe.  Since I’ve obtained my crushes in life, I knew that had to be interwoven into the book as well too.  Jagger is an alter ego that ended up being controversially revealing due to the auto-biographical nature.

This book changed things for me as an author in many ways.  The book ended up getting banned in numerous countries and some states.  It was pulled by the distributor more than once for every offensiveness you can think of before being re-instated and released everywhere when my spiritual books came out.  To me this book was primarily a love story, so I didn’t get the banning, but I’ve always been aware that I’m too much for a great many people.   Times changed since the book was released and what was written in the book is now accepted, so that's why the book ended up having an international distribution.   It's not surprising the book was ahead of its time when it was first written.  The book is like a yearbook of my life.  It's a part of me that I have no intention of hiding.


I’m a long running physically active fitness enthusiast, which is the masculine energy side, but the feminine energy side has been satisfied and massaged to life through my life long interests and hobbies with artistic creativity on all levels.  Diving into creative pursuits awakens your creative spirit and your life force, so this was the premise and reasoning for doing this book.  I wanted to emphasize the importance of creativity and artistic pursuits and how that also opens up the psychic clairs.  When you are expressing yourself through art, then this raises your vibration.   

Being creative also helps you use your imagination, which helps you think outside of the box to come up with solutions that benefit work and relationship aspects of your life too.  I've always understood the importance of creativity from my work in the creative side of the business of the film industry to books, but I also dive into other avenues of creativity from the thousands of photography shots I've taken since childhood.  I've taken photography and art classes, because I love creative expression in all forms beyond my writing work. 


I’ve been working with many of the Archangels since I was a child.  I was excited to write a book devoted to some of the more prominent Archangels and what their specialties are, how they can help you, and how you can work with them.  This was the first spiritual book I wrote, but it didn’t come out first.   It was also one of the first leg of books that featured some of the more prominent Archangels to work with, although this one was different.  I've found that many that read this ended up working with the Archangels afterwards.  My work is typically simplified for a novice and an up and comer new to spirituality.  Connecting with the Archangels has hit #1 numerous times over the years and has also been another continuing best seller since it came out.  I’m always happy to hear that people are working with them now more than they ever have.  Once social media took off years after this, that ended up making the Archangels as popular in culture as Michael Jackson and Madonna!  Before that we just connected with them in Church.  So it's awesome that more people are working with them now.


The previous Attracting in Abundance book was so big that we had to break it up.  Abundance Enlightenment was the follow up B-Side that included much more information that couldn’t make it into the primary abundance book.  Many readers end up buying them as a set.  This one focused on budgeting, money management and incorporating spiritual concepts into all that.  There was still a great deal more to say beyond the previous abundance book, so this fulfilled that.  This was also the end of another chapter of books.  It was the perfect closing to that so I could move into other content I really wanted to write.


I was on a streak of writing novelty books from the work life book, the one on Empaths and Energy Vampires, and Twin Flames.  The final one in that novelty arena was on attracting in abundance.  Like the previous books immediately before it I had covered it throughout my work, but never devoted an entire book to the topic.   I wanted to get as many of these novelty projects out of the way as fast as possible, so that I could get to the other deeper material that was building within me.  Many of these novelty books were done due to public demand with the same questions being sent to me.  The market already had an overloading array of abundance books, but they didn't have one from me.  My perspective and my Spirit team's perspective is often different than the rest of the masses, so we knew it would be beneficial to offer our take.  I had a CEO in a meeting once call on me to say, "Kevin I'd like to hear your take on this issue because your perception is typically different than everyone else's and this gives us the opportunity to look at it from another angle that may in fact be the best option." 

There are a great deal of steps missing from the love and light abundance preachings, but one of the crucial main steps eliminated is the absence of God and one’s Spirit team, which had always bothered me.  How can that one important crucial element be missing from that?  It could explain why people are still struggling to achieve abundance long after watching those webinars and seminars and reading those books.  We had to put out my version and this was it, which I was happy with it.  We made it fun while also adding in Spirit's seriousness and the reality of attracting in abundance.  I accomplished a great deal throughout the course of my life since I was a teenager, and it all started with me going to God first before anything else, then following the other steps.


This was the 6th and final book in the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series of books.  I wanted to wrap it all up with my favorite topic - love and relationships!  I love LOVE!!  I expect love to be grand!   With this book I wanted to include the many different areas of love from Universal love, physical dating and relationship love, as well spiritual and soul love.  I wanted to combine all of those aspects similar to the mind, body, spirit.  I LOVED being able to put it all in one book for readers.  This was a nice ending for the six book series since the reason of all existence originated and ends in love.  The whole point of being here is because of love.  This book rose up to #1 when it came out.  And I loved the cover of the guy rising up like helium, which is what love feels like for the spirit.  It feels like you're floating on air.


This was the 3rd in the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series.  I chose to write a book focused on developing a fearless assertive confidence to achieve in life.  Many have pointed out over the years that I’ve been through so much and have achieved so much that I wanted to help others do the same.  One of the things many around have commented is that they feel that I seem to convey this raving strength and confidence, which is something I never noticed or knew I do or did.  Friends have all made that statement.  I've heard it through the grapevine of others telling siblings, "I met your brother and wow he is so strong."  I decided to talk about where that comes from and how to channel that through the Divine for the reader to achieve in this book.  Everything I do is through God and the Divine and Spirit.  I often wonder how many care about becoming more confident, because they went directly to my psychic and soul consciousness books over this one.   I'm definitely not one for mincing words.  All elements need to be developed to succeed on all levels from the soul to the practical.  Amen.


As someone with a strong allegiance and connections to some archaic spirit guides, re-inventing the seven deadly sins into a modern day version was in development to do.  We thought it would be fun to write a piece on the Seven Deadly Sins as they apply today.  They still apply today more than they ever have, except now we consider them to be toxic challenges in life, but it's the same thing with a different name.   The deadly sins or toxic challenges are themes that continuously block and hold people back from a life of blessings and abundance.   No one thinks of the seven deadly sins in that way, so it was important to translate it to today's language.  That's something I've had to do throughout my spiritual work.  Take spirit messages and convert them into my own voice so that modern society knows what we're saying.  

No one wants to hear about how they're being held back.  They only want the good, the blessings, and the ego stroking.  The worst offenders tend to walk away from guidance that holds them back, which is a sign they need it more than anyone else.  If you’re incapable of examining where you fall into a toxic challenge/deadly sin, then you’ve got a long hard road ahead of you.  I am the master of constant self-evaluation to see what I need to work on.  My Spirit team and myself may be hard on others at times, but no one is more hard on someone than I am on myself.  The way to evolve your soul is to be able to ruthlessly look at those parts of you that you deny exist.


This was the big spiritual Bible I intended to write for years.  I wanted it to have all of the basics of spirituality in a way that a newbie could understand.  This would include some of the philosophies that had helped me throughout my life that can help raise global consciousness one person at a time.   With just this book you can change your life and get focused on what’s important.  Warrior of Light came out and shot up to the top and has remained there since.  When this came out, it was only about a month or so after that when my in-box started to flood with regular notes from people all over the world in different countries praising the book and me as an author.  I was surprised and it hasn't stopped since, but this was the book where it shifted things.

Readers started to call me a Spiritual Teacher which wasn't initially considered.  I wanted to give people a go-to spiritual guide that had all of the basics in it.  I thought it was important that everyone understand there is an afterlife and there are spirit beings around the planet, and that there is more to life than what people are trained to know from each other.  

My works religious undertones had also brought me a surprising new audience.  The book climbed to the top spot on the Religious chart, which also stunned me.  I was this unique spiritual author that was bringing in a diverse group of loyal readers writing me from college professors to MTV pop artists to priests requesting that I keep going and write more like it.  I had "gone from Sex to God" as one friend put it, but the other uniqueness that set me apart was I appealed to people from all walks of life that you couldn't necessarily put in a room together.  The work was becoming Universally loved which is unusual from human norms which gravitate to those like themselves while remaining in their little boxes.  That's never been the case in my world or with my work.  

Journey Through My Books


My team and I had come up with this idea to do a pocket book series.  This would be where each book would be devoted to specific areas in the spiritual genre depending on what people were looking for.  The books came out during the holidays in 2013 and they ended up catapulting me higher than I had ever been to date.  My audience expanded dramatically.  The irony was as that was happening, I was going through a difficult relationship break up, so I wasn't paying attention to the ravings going on over the books.  The distributor showed me the graph of where I was at in sales.  It was going up and down on the graph, then the spiritual books came out and it climbed, then the pocket books came out and the line shot upward dramatically and never dropped back down.  They all knew I produced something that was worth something.
Spirit Guides and Angels was the first of that series.  I wanted a book that was specifically devoted to understanding how to work and connect with Spirit Guides and Angels, as well as other psychic related guidance.


This was a follow up to Warrior of Light due the unstoppable demand from new readers from that book asking me to write more like that.  I hadn’t been public about my connections with God because I didn't see the point until that particular juncture in my life.  The requests for more spiritual related books didn't stop, so I had the cheer-leading readers to thank for that.  I had always enjoyed helping others improve their lives before that so this was just a natural progression. 

This book was more like a part two to Warrior of Light.  It focused on the practical aspects of applying spirituality to everyday life so that it works.  This was in the areas of career and love relationships, but also the souls connection with the spirit worlds.  There was a great deal with my Spirit team that was important to discuss.  I was roaming around with all of this knowledge and not sharing it.  I never thought about it as I enjoyed entertaining with my love and horror stuff.  After the life altering near death experience in 2010, followed by my father's death a week later, the shackles were released causing my world and purpose to shift dramatically, and I knew it was time to start writing spiritual content.  The transformation was over night according to those around me.  When I came out of that period in November 2010 it was like I was another person in their eyes.  The skin of the snake was shed and I stepped out of it seeing more than I had seen before clairvoyantly.  It was in order to write the books.


This was my first spiritual book release, which stunned readers as the previous books did because it followed the horror book, which followed the erotic love story.  The  content in these three books were shocking.  Maybe I'm shocking because what I do or say tends to be not what's expected, but I don't think I'm being shocking, I'm just being myself.   One friend said I always keep things interesting.  This book started to see a growing loyal fan base for me.   Each book that was coming out was rising me up higher as an author because people were enjoying the books.  I could write anything and they're liking it.  I have a variety of interests and not just the spiritual, which also turns some off that think they're going to get the "love and light" stuff.   I live life fully within and beyond that.   No one has ever accused me of wasting time while here.  Reaching for the Warrior Within was a personal story that focused on coming out of child abuse and conquering life success, but also the "DID" (dissociative identity disorder) and anxiety disorders, relationship turmoil and wrestling with major addictions.  The core premise of this autobiography glimpse was about rising out of the darkness and into a Warrior of the Light.  It was a difficult book to write because of the personal child abuse stuff and the struggles within it, but it has an inspirational ending.

​​The Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series of books was a series idea that was presented to me at the last minute.  It came about after numerous conversations with my team to put out a series of books cover a variety of genres within the spiritual areas.  This motivated me to get excited about it and have fun with it.  I chose what areas each book would cover such as the psychic phenomena content in one, the soul consciousness and purpose, developing confidence and courage to go after what you desire, the importance of including prayer in your life to achieve on all levels, and one on love and relationships.  I've branded by many of readers as one of the few out there that brings a yang masculine energy to spirituality, guides and angels, etc.  This is one of the reasons the books will have a male representation of the everyday male that is a spiritual and practical guy without dulling his edge.  The men are usually across the board in this representation.


It was time to devote a book specifically to raising the soul's vibration and the important benefits of that for the physical body, ones health, a clearer mind, stronger psychic perception and a stronger well-being.  These are all aspects that I've taken seriously since childhood.  I'm extremely disciplined when it comes to exercising regularly to watching what I put into my body.  I monitor it all like a strict executive because I know the importance of taking serious care of the vessel you've been given.   The positive side effect is that it awakens the psychic connection with the Other Side, which helps you make wiser choices in life.   It was invaluable to put this all in a book in a way that the novice could understand.  Raising Your Vibration was the first book written on raising the soul’s vibration, even though it was likely covered in some books, but not entirely devoted to it.  This book also hit #1 and has been a continuing best seller since it came out.  This means that many people are interested in positively improving their well-being.

Writing and Books have always been important to me.  By the time I was five I knew without a doubt that I would be an author.  There was no guessing, or maybe, or I wish, or I hope. It was a firm set in stone deal from back during my childhood days that I WILL be writing books.  The psychic sight and the film business work were completely separate deals from that.  They were ones where valuable tools were given to me to apply towards my life purpose.   

From the moment I could pick up a pencil, I'd take my children’s books and cross words out that didn’t work while writing in sentences that could work.   I'd go crazy over fancy libraries and reading rooms where I'd camp out for hours never desiring to leave.   Dates would surprise me with trips to grand libraries the way the Beast did in Beauty and the Beast.  I've always carried a pen and pad nearby wherever I go.  I'm never not writing even if I'm not working on a book.  I'm still conducting writing activities from journaling to writing lengthy novella emails.   One side of me is highly sociable with a grand social life, but the writing part of me needs isolation to create.  It's a balance I perfected early on.  

As a teenager, I'd lay on the sidewalk on streets and people watch while writing about their lives in a notepad during downtime.  I've conducted unusual methods of research from sitting in airport terminals to bars to churches to drug houses to making people climb into bed so I can interview them.  I have endless written manuscripts that were never turned into books for various reasons, kind of like a singer that has demo cuts of their work that didn't make one of their albums.    Writing has given me the ability to find a creative expressive outlet for any repressed oppression as well being able to empower others through the Divine wisdom teachings I receive through my psychic vessel.  

Being labeled a leader and teacher is nothing new.  I was authoritarian and instructing by the time I was five.  My soul was built that way for a reason.  This meant I got into trouble quite a bit.  Being confident, direct, and wise will rub the lower energies the wrong way, which is also why I was carefully made and trained to have warrior like King strength from the start.  You apply your divinely gifted traits towards your soul's life purpose.

The film business work was a day job that turned into a career, but I didn’t intend for it to get that big.  It happened so fast once I was in.  I mastered the art of cultivating relationships and becoming exceptional where they seemed to consider me as one of the best to hire.  I’d meet one person, become close, then another, become close, and so on.  People in the business whether known or not were immediately drawn to me, so they would approach having heard of me through someone else in the business, then we’d hit it off.  It just took on a life of its own.  Relationships were developed and expanded.  It's truly a circus family of misfits I could forever relate to and call home.  They still continue to check on me today like any loyal family, but it was the books I was preparing myself for and wanted to get started on.  The spirit connections were just an added bonus that helped me achieve, grow, and evolve, as well as write that kind of content.

With that said, let's take a look at the journey through my books on this page.  I'll mention some trivia surrounding the origins of them that come to mind.   I usually try to keep things short, but I'm a writer with a tendency to drone on.  That's the beauty of books for me.  It's that I can be as long-winded as I like and no one can stop me.  I'm still going to try to use some discipline here.


I first wrote about my soul's Wise One lineage in one of my first books, “Reaching for the Warrior Within”.  I wanted to devote an entire book to the Wise Ones, where they come from, what their personality traits tend to be like, their interests, and how to recognize them visually.  I also wanted to make this a fun book about it that was interesting kind of like an astrology book.  This ended up being a surprising best seller and still continues to be. I was surprised as this was also supposed to be something fun for me to do after writing so many serious spiritual teaching books.  I needed a fun writing break.  Kind of like when a serious actor does one of those random silly comedies where they don’t have to act as hard as they normally do in the serious dramas.  This book also garnered me another increase in a legion of loyal reader fans.  I didn't expect the success from this.


This was the 5th book in the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series of books.  Since I started writing spiritual metaphysical books, I always wanted to write a book that focuses on the importance of prayer.  I’ve been a huge advocate of prayer since I was four years old.  I’ve communicated to God and my Spirit team EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life through prayers and spiritual communication since childhood.  It’s a major dominating part of my life.  No decisions or actions are done without my communication in prayer.  I’ve covered the importance of prayer in my work, but never devoted a book solely to prayer, and now I had the opportunity.  All great things happened in my life because of prayer!  This book talks about how to incorporate regular prayer communication with your Spirit team to achieve in life.  The grand confusion is some equate prayer with something evil or resorted to just the religious in a church, which is not true.  I mean come on, pop stars get in a prayer circle before they take the stage every night.  Even they're hip to the importance of it.  They certainly wouldn't have achieved all they have without it.


As a love addict and romantic at heart that has been studying the human condition and writing love and sex columns since the teen years, it was inevitable that I would write a book devoted to Soul Mates and Twin Flames.  I knew that I wanted to for some time and was excited to finally do so.   It was surprising that it was only the second book out there devoted to soul mates and twin flames. The phenomenon would gradually grow over the years that followed.  When social media took off, then so did the passionate interest on those types of unions as well as other books.  Although much of what’s put out there in social media and the Internet about soul mates and twin flames mostly isn't accurate.  That’s the downfall and negative side to any media.  People take what they're reading in a blog or on a social media post and then recycling that instead of connecting with God for the ultimate answers on something.  When I write my books, the only tools I'm using for answers is my vessel as the conduit with God and my Spirit team.  I would never get information from a blog or article, which sadly many are doing now and then teaching that by recycling it.   It's like the media is this big demon that continues to use people as pawns to spread false information.  Regardless, this book hit #1 and has been a continuous best seller since it came out.


There had been some talk with me about putting out a greatest hits book.  There were already so many books by me that had come out.  Questions from new readers discovering me were coming in and asking what they should start out with, and to be honest, I have no idea.  I'm a bad marketer of my own work.  I prefer to do my work quietly without interference.  I put it in the can and turn it in and then I move onto the next thing no longer thinking about anything I've done before that.  I'm always looking forward.  It took me awhile to kind of get on board just a little bit in terms of having some kind of marketing presence out there, but it's still a chore or an effort for me at times.  I chose the essential books that readers should have to put in this collection.  It's got all of the basics from spirit guides and angels, soul mates and twin flames, raising your vibration, archangels, the spirit world, and so much more. 

The agreement to put me on the cover was also due to the request that I should be on one of my covers, which I was never a fan of.  I was on the cover of my Reaching for the Warrior Within book, but it's a shadow and no one knows that it's me.  This one is a bit clearer and shows my physically active side in nature, two things I love, being active in a nature setting is home to me.  This book was also to wrap up another chapter in my life as I had planned to take another break from writing.  It felt like a nice ending, even though three additional books were scheduled for release within the many months that followed this, but those books were already written and in the editing and galley stages.  This KH collection ended up being a large 550 page book that is still a top seller today.  Some people like having all of the essentials in one place.


Saint Nathaniel is an archaic guide of mine and he took the lead on this one.  He wanted to address many of the factors that continuously contributes to humanities downfall.  Not much has changed.  People are still horrible to each other in general, whether through words or actions.  There is little to no love that exists on the planet.  All of the love and light preaching is great in ways, but it also puts blinders on the truth because overly positive people want to believe that everyone is all good.  The soul was born all good, but through human tampering and the infusion of the dark entities and energies that plague and enrapture the planet is not.  People tend to still behave in the same primal way they did centuries ago when it comes to the lynch mob mentality.  It's a great deal of the darkness of the ego.  The world wasn't ready for a book like this.  A few centuries more need to pass before it sinks in.  My Spirit team has often said, "Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you don't need it."


Other notes I receive from people are how they can be more psychic or recognize if they have psychic gifts, so I thought it would be fun to write something for the up and comers to psychic phenomena to help them recognize their own psychic gifts.  It wasn't a book that was in development or something I had considered doing, but the idea came quickly and the book was written just as quickly.  This book has been one of my biggest sellers since, which I was stunned by because this was just a quick side project that I didn't think much of.  Wrote it fast, turned it in, and forgot all about it until readers were writing me praising it.  

After this book I took another long writing break after having written thousands of pages of text - some of which were books.  I was burned out and done with it all.   Like clockwork, I looked at this break as the end of my spiritual books, but the people that work with me never believe that because I emerge months later with new projects moving to the top of the pipeline.   It's also like those entertainers that announce their farewell tour and they're done with it all.  Years later they come back with another album and tour.  It's the life of a creative artist because you do think about quitting often because creating art takes so much out of you mentally, emotionally, and physically that you hit a wall.  Really what you need is a good long break to recharge.  Come back if you want to.


The years prior to this I wanted to write a spiritual book to my teen and young adult audience since they had been so supportive of me with Jagger’s Revolution and Paint the Silence, and also because they are the next generation being conceived and brought up during another chaotic time in history.  The social media, media, and technological dominated age which suppresses all Divine connections.  Anxiety and depression in the masses has reached an all time high historically as a result, so it is affecting how people function, feel, and think.  And this isn't in a good way.

My Spirit team instructed me to focus on the newer generations.  A sage wise one native had also channeled that direction as well to me.  It was alluded that it was more or less too late for the older ones since they are set in their ways, even though I disagree with it being too late because it is never too late.  Nevertheless, this book began to be flushed out after a bad break up.  I took some time away and ranted that I had quit my job as a spiritual author and that I was done, but I'm never really done, because I was still journaling as I've been doing since I was a kid.  

I had to re-ignite my inner life force and bring me back into the joy of life again, which was where the title of this book came from.  Teaching young people helped me remember my purpose and reason for being here.  I then pulled myself back up and got back on schedule and on track simultaneously.  And I could have the opportunity to discuss other spiritual concepts that I hadn't been able to talk about more in depth with the audience.  The strangeness is this was one of those books that hit #1 years after it was released through word of mouth.  It's been hanging around up and down the teen and young adult spiritual charts since.   

If you made it this far, then I'm impressed you endured my lengthy rant on my books.  I hope you enjoyed it.  There are many other projects in development and in the production stages since I will never stop creating.  


I had always had an interest in addressing the struggles that Empaths or sensitive's have to deal with in a world full of Energy Vampires.  This was in the same vain as the earlier tougher books like Divine Messages for Humanity, Darkness of Ego, and The Seven Deadly Sins.  It’s no secret that human beings continue to make Earth an unpleasant toxic cesspool of volcanic disarray that becomes obsolete and irrelevant the second you die.  So much time is wasted with nonsense and the noise that it needed to be addressed again, but this time more for the Empath.   I typically dislike talking about the issues with humanity and social media, etc.  I despise the fact that anything needs to be said at all, but it is the reality of what dominates human life today.  It is why chaos continues to reign supreme.  And it is one of the reasons I’m here.  I write what my Spirit team has me write - including the unpleasant.  This dives into it and then finding that centered light amidst the chaotic internal and external noise of human beings.  Don't forget that all of this will cease to exist the second you stop breathing.


This was the 4th in the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series of books.  I thought it would be fun to take the popular spirituality genre of Mind, Body, Spirit, and cover the importance of combing all of those aspects in your life to help your soul evolve.  These are all elements that I pay great attention to on a daily basis.  I'm extremely disciplined about focusing on the mind, body and spirit.  All three need to be worked on in order to continuously raise your consciousness vibration.  This book gave me the opportunity to devote material solely to that.   I work out my mind through study and writing, then I'll go work out my body in physical activity, the gym, working out, running, jumping, climbing.  Physical activity is like oxygen to me.  Then I bring it all back down to center with God and my Spirit team paying great attention to nurturing the soul aspects of me.  You neglect one of these elements, then you will have an imbalance in your life. 


This is another one of my personal favorite books of mine.  I had been looking forward to it coming to fruition for years.  It was sitting on a development shelf for so many years and kept getting pushed back.  It’s one of my favorites because of how personally revealing it is about the daily psychic phenomena I have to deal with coupled with the excruciating lifelong anxiety on top of that.  It deals with both the Light and the Darkness of the Spirit Worlds.  It reveals information that many don’t know about.   I had been trying to get through the previous novelty books, because I knew this more serious one was coming.  My books are like a backed up traffic jam at times.  I could feel it bursting out of me that I couldn’t take it anymore.  

Stay Centered Psychic Warrior ended up being my most successful book to date shooting to #1 and the top of every chart in the metaphysical, paranormal, psychic related genres from all over.  I was pleased with that because of how much I personally love this book and because of the revealing information in it that can help so many people.  And also due to the painful autobiographical nature with so many stories surrounding psychic phenomena, psychic episodes, the afterlife, abuse, and anxiety.  This was where the title stay centered came from and the psychic warrior due to how others have referred to me in the past.  That immense strength as those close to me have described me to be, rough around the edges, and nothing like anyone you'll ever meet.  Set apart.  I know I'm different and thank God for that.  I'd rather be dead than be like the rest of the world chasing trends, media stories, and just being unkind in general. 


By the time I was eight years old, I was already picking up messages through the Tarot.  The artist creative part of me always had a fascination and love for the Tarot, even though I don’t usually use divination tools much if at all.  I use it for fun or if I’m not clear about an answer due to physical related elements blocking the message.  Sometimes dark spirits will put a block over your psychic vision to stop you from doing the work of the light.  I would later post about a Tarot card randomly in a blog for fun.  This created an interested Tarot audience messaging me for the meaning of a card for themselves.  I knew I'd one day write a book that just focuses on the basic general meanings of each card for the novice, rather than getting bogged down in the history, etc.  I've found that many fantastic Tarot books will ramble on about other things pertaining to a card, while giving readers a one or two sentence meaning that isn’t all that helpful to a beginner.   I wanted this book to just be about the meaning of the card in understandable and relatable terms.   

This book hit #1 and has been a continuing best seller throughout the years  Readers have written me to say they'd read a Tarot book and they'd walk away more confused.  They read this Tarot book and found the descriptions were written in a way that they could easily understand.  I wanted more people to be able to not shy away from a Tarot deck and use it as a divine communication tool when they're feeling confused about something.  I always go directly to God and my Spirit team for answers, but there are times an answer may not be forthcoming.   I pull a card and get something like, "The Hanged Man", which tells me I'm either not seeing things from the right perspective or the "Seven of Pentacles", which tells me I need to be patient and just live life, don't worry, what's going to happen will on its own time.  And sometimes God doesn't want you to know the answer at that particular juncture, so even the Tarot will not always give you a direct response in that case.


This was the 1st in the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom series.  It focused primarily on all things connected to psychic phenomena.  I had just come off the heels of writing Stay Centered Psychic Warrior, so I was still in the mind space of discussing psychic phenomena and how it all works that I just kept going with this book.  So much fun stuff is covered from psychic episodes, recognizing your gifts, stories interwoven, how to change your life to be more psychic, etc.  This book ended up hitting #1 on the paranormal and ESP charts.


This is a gigantic 700 page book that contains all six of the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom books.  This was done to have it all in one place for those interested.  Some people don’t want to buy one at a time or have six of the books lying around.  Some people want everything in one gigantic encyclopedia book.  I've always instructed my team to give options where possible.  Plus I’ve got this particular book out as I like that I can thumb through it like it’s a divination card deck.  Whatever page it lands on, it seems to say the right sentence, paragraph, or words that I needed to read that day.  Many of my books work like that, but this one especially.   

Plus I was also proud of my work on this series.  It was rigorous and challenging to write this series due to the short amount of time allotted and the strict deadlines.  I was working seven days a week morning until night to write this book series.  There were times I broke down body and soul, weary and in tears exhausted on other occasions.  I had never had that with any other of my previous work.  You’d think after all of the dozens of books before this series that it would be a piece of cake, but each book is a different process.  This series was difficult due to the tight deadlines, and no life, no breaks, and connecting with spirit day in and day out to write, which takes a great deal out of me.  I naturally took a vacation and long break when this was all done.  I went to join the living for awhile!