Stepping Into My

Divine Masculine King Power

Stay Centered Psychic Warrior - Kevin Hunter

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Stepping Into My Divine Masculine King Power
A Confessional Spiritual Guide to Conquering

Earthly Battles Shielded with an Army of Lights

Stepping Into My Divine Masculine King Power unites the Divine Masculine energy with the persona of the King archetype.  Part autobiography and part divine guidance, Kevin Hunter reveals pieces of his life mixed with content intended to inspire the reader into physical and soul victory through a series of inspirational and informational essays.   The autobiographical segments focus on the efforts it takes to move from child abuse, oppression, addictions, and mental health issues to rising up through the various stages of immature adolescence and into the spiritual maturity of the divine masculine king energy.  This is a process that doesn't take place overnight, but is gradually shaped through the course of time as you endure continual life challenges, experiences, and study. 

Life is one big classroom aimed to assist the soul in its individual evolution process.  The more centered and confident your soul becomes, the greater the chances of naturally and effortlessly rising and stepping into the divine masculine king power energy.  You gain more resilience through the tougher times.

The divine guidance teachings include psychic insights as well as inspirational wisdom on developing a courageous spirit with bold self-confidence to achieve and accomplish what you seek out to do in life.  This is from understanding the working nature of the Universe, God, Spirit, the Light, as well as the value of pairing with your Spirit team to recognize your lessons as well as attaining victories in life.  Your soul is intended to endure challenges and struggles to prepare you for successes, wins, breakthroughs, and blessings. 

Sometimes points are made in a stream of consciousness, while other times spirit messages are intertwined with those thought processes and discussions. Some of it may be lighthearted and entertaining as the author points out pieces of his selves coupled with his wins that later came beyond the childhood trauma and onto the more serious tough love motivational speeches.  The ultimate goal is to empower and inspire you to step into your divine masculine king power in order to conquer and succeed in all aspects of your life.  The Divine Masculine energy is one that all souls have access to regardless of gender.