Many have had a Near-Death Experience than believed, but they may have been unaware that is what happened, because it was so slight, but it will be significant enough that it completely alters who you are, your values, beliefs and the trajectory you are on.  One of the things that grows is a solid rock faith in the beyond. 

There will be some graphic language up ahead in order to illustrate the details of the death.

November 22, 2010 was that big celebratory day that everything shifted for me in that near-death experience that lasted a millisecond, but felt like several hours had passed.   The spirit worlds frame of time reference is different than Earth time.  Three weeks prior to that date, I endured a workout accident that caused a small tear internally between the testicles and the penis.  I didn’t feel it yet, but only after fluids were gradually moving into a place it shouldn’t resulting in an infection called Epididymitis.  The urologist informed me this tends to be common in sports players or guys in their 20’s, but I was 37 at the time.  The infection inflamed the testicles causing enormous physical pain in an area that is unfathomable to imagine for men.  Taking one step was like a thousand knives stabbing you down there each time.  I psychically knew it was an infection during the three weeks of excruciating pain that was bad enough that it shut everything down.

The night of November 22nd my soul was gently extracted from my body that I didn’t feel it happening.  Soaring upwards I could see my lifeless body lying there below, but I felt exhilarated, exuberant, carefree, weightless and pain free, then I proceeded onward.   While this death event was taking place, God was downloading a lifetime of knowledge and information into my soul's spirit.  He cracked open my psychic senses wider than they had been in my life prior to that moment.  I was soaring over and in between fluffy clouds that had numerous members of my Spirit team standing on them, but spread out on their own individual cloud.  There were dozens of them standing there facing me as if I was walking down the aisle between them, but I was flying and I knew them the way you know your best friend.  I was being pulled towards what looked like a super tall dark lamppost in the distance.  It was bigger than those that made up my Spirit team.  As I grew closer to the figure, I noticed it was becoming more defined, then I realized it wasn’t a lamppost, but Archangel Michael.   I was brought to his feet and could see him towering over me like a building, but there was no fear only love, strength, and comfort.  I felt more at home there than anywhere else I had been, and he reassured me and continued to communicate with me via telepathy.  He said, "We're working on it."  Then the information about what was to happen next with me was downloaded into my consciousness along with this plethora of information.  The cracking open of my psychic senses even wider were also taking place at the same time in order to do this.

There was a visible cord attached to me that was silver in color.  Had this cord been cut, then I wouldn’t have come back.  Spirit pulled me as far as would be allowed before sending me back into my temporary vessel.  When that happened, I felt like someone was yanking me backwards by this cord and I knew my soul was going to fall back into my short-term physical body, but I had indifference about it until the merging happened. 

When my soul merged back into my body it felt like putting on a heavily weighted down drenched wet raincoat, but beyond that things were positively different. The next thing I noticed was that as I looked around my vision had changed.  Everything appeared sharper than usual and I could psychically or spiritually vividly see events taking place in front of me.  The pain I had experienced the weeks leading up to that event had reduced to barely feeling it anymore.  Each day after that the pain was lightening up until it was permanently gone within the days that followed. 

Wherever I looked, my new and improved metaphysical third eye acted like a telescope that manually adjusted in range in front of me.  I no longer felt like my previous self and knew things were going to be changing.   A week later my father suddenly passed away.  Friends still point out the strangely fated connections between all of the episodes surrounding this incident in that particular month.  This is the cliff note version of a much longer story, but I wanted to offer a quick glimpse into this event that transformed me completely setting me down a brighter path that played a crucial part in the ongoing spiritual maturity.

Ten years from that near-death experience date, I had written and published over three dozen spiritually based books.  When you have an authentic near-death experience, then you and everything around you changes. The people around you will bring up this spectacular shift in you.  It transforms yourself and your life to a massive degree. Everything appears to be different than it was beforehand.  Your psychic senses open up wider and all of the interests you had before that moment suddenly seem trivial and insipid.  Any jobs or some of the people you loved before that moment are immediately uninteresting and you want out and away from it all.  Some of the friendships you have will change if they have not shifted their energy in the way yours have.   I was looking at some of the people I had loved the day before the near-death experience.  They appeared to be strangers I no longer felt I connected with.  This was when I began the process of clearing the clutter so to speak.  

Since then on a personal level, it’s been exceptionally difficult for anyone to get close or into my world without a lengthy preliminary trial period.  In this world of wanting things instantaneously, this would turn some off, but that only separates the immature from the mature.  You relentlessly guard your soul with hyper-vigilance in the way Spirit shields you.  They know you’re anointed by the Light now.  You need to be protected and preserved so that it is possible to forge forward with what you are called to do.   Answering to other people is crossed off your list and now you answer to God and Spirit.  This is also partly why hearing a great deal of human complaints and fears, while possibly understandable in some rare cases, they mostly appear trivial and superficial to me.  Getting to a place to accept that has been more difficult for me.  Once you go through what I endured in my traumatic life in general, then you die and have that experience, then come back, it’s nearly impossible to get to a place of understanding the regular trivial complaints people have.   You view it through a glass.

Following the near death experience, you have this massive push to get to work on your calling immediately and not waste any more time.   Your physical and soul body have merged together for a larger reason that dramatically transforms you, your life, and everything in it.   Spirit has initiated this near-death experience that permanently transforms you for a reason.  Your psychic senses have cracked open and you already psychically know why it happened.   Accessing a wealth of information and knowledge that were either not there before or only partially there become effortless.    You take this seriously and understand more than someone else might.  When I had the near-death experience, it was like night and day.  It’s like you wake up one morning feeling like your usual self, but then later in the day your soul is pulled out of your body that by the time nighttime rolls around you’re a completely different person.  Everyone around me had noted this massive change that stunned them.  

All of these little reveals played a part at helping my soul rise into this Divine masculine king power confidence and spiritual maturity.  You cannot wake up one day and choose to embody that Divine energy.   It’s about being dragged through the trenches of Darkness, as well as the ongoing challenges in life and experiences while being aware and conscious of everything and everyone around you.  It’s about diving deeper beneath the surface in study.  It’s more than talking about it, but becoming the part gradually over time.​ It doesn't mean you are perfect, because we are all imperfect souls who will forever be works in progress.  It is up to us individually to be cognizant enough to want to change and to know how important it is to continue to do the work.

Near Death Experience

November 22, 2010 was the official date I temporarily died, which was one week before my father passed away.  Friends still find the timeline of events that took place that month to be eerie the way it all transpired.  They have been continuously bringing it up since.  Daydreaming about that journey has never stopped because it was an amazing profound feeling and experience that I miss it often.  The way I felt throughout was exceptionally comfortable in a way that no drug or alcohol drink had ever been able to accomplish.

The details of the primary near-death experience have been thoroughly documented in my work.  Human death seems to scare a great deal of people regardless of how often I can say it is the most fearless event to ever take place.  I was gently extracted from my body without realizing it had happened while I was in motion.   It was only as I was being pulled towards the gates that I was clear as to what was going on, and I was completely content about it.  It was an exhilarating experience that permanently transformed me and dramatically shifted my focus overnight.  This is why many long-term souls around me still bring it up regularly because they witnessed the noticeable changes surrounding my behavior after that event.  Following the near-death experience was the dozens of metaphysical books that started flowing out with thousands of pages of content.  Friends saw my views on human life radically altered from the norm.  This of course would make me appear stranger or weirder in the eyes of those who haven't evolved.  My way of thinking has never been the same as the masses, but that event especially changed it.  I wouldn't have it any other way since I live for God not for people.

The primary way spirit beings communicate in Heaven’s Spirit Worlds is through Telepathy.  Most of the communications I’ve had with them in front of me have been through Telepathy.  They’re not opening their mouths, but I can Clairaudiently hear them and Claircognizantly know what they’re saying. The communication is taking place instinctually.  There’s no effort on my part, because it just occurs on its own.  Telepathy is my claircognizant diagnosis since they didn’t technically say, “This is how we communicate.”   

They can and do communicate in other ways or how they choose, but that’s the primary language back home.  For example it's the same way one tends to speak French in France, even if other languages might be used in France, it’s just not the dominate language of communication.

When I had the near-death experience, and I was being brought towards the gates of the next dimension, not only was Telepathy the way they communicated with me, but my soul knew exactly where to go on its own.  It had its own navigation system separate from my main consciousness.  I didn’t feel like I had control over where I was being pulled, but this did not bother me.  I was completely content about it.  I was excitedly anxious knowing the destination my soul was being pulled to. There was no resistance on my part and nor did I want to resist it.   Being pulled might not be an accurate of a word.  It was more like there was a comfortable force that was dragging, moving or controlling me.  It was my own higher self's soul that was controlling it.

My soul was rocketing at lightning speed, but it didn’t feel that fast to me or that would’ve been scary.  It’s like an airplane might typically fly at let's say 560mph.  When you’re in the airplane you know you’re moving, but it doesn’t feel like you’re going that fast even though you are.  That’s how the soul moves about in Heaven, and to and from the Other Side and all other worlds.   It’s like this flash of a ray of light that blasts past you that you almost miss it, but your soul travelling within this ray of light doesn’t feel that fast in the moment.  It’s only from afar that it appears that way if someone were to see you, then they would just see a light blasting past like a rocket plane.  While in that light, it’s more of a breathtaking soaring experience that’s a great deal of fun I have to say.  It feels like a kid having a good time on a rollercoaster ride.   It was an exhilarating feeling that I’ll never forget. 

When I dropped back into this temporary vessel, then I was disoriented but I also knew exactly what I had to do being back here.  There was a part of me that had the stance of nothing and no one would ever be a distraction again.  That's easier said than done since the physical world and our survival can be a grand distraction, yet my soul knew what I had to do.  What took place was bigger than anybody could reach.   Something massive was implanted in me at that point that shifted my focus and it was incredibly clear.  From the moment I came back, I viewed human life as trivial and superficial.  I no longer understood the primal surface way that people were predominately living, and that newly adopted view would never change.  I also knew that most wouldn’t understand my awakened and cracked open views, the messages, or the stance, but I didn’t care.  My purpose and discovery were too strong to care.  There is no such thing as universal love, but my whole life has been filled with most people not being a fan of me, so when that's your physical reality, it actually helps you because you don't care or try to get approval from anyone.  You already know people are not going to like you.​  If people predominately liked me, then that would tell me that I've fallen into back into the superficial mundane existence and views of the primal.  In essence, I've failed.  I'm not here to follow, but lead.  Authentic leaders that have made a difference in history were initially hated.  Look at Jesus.