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     The Wise Ones who incarnate in a human body are natural born leaders and teachers.  They’re the generals of an army or a soldier in combat.  They are the pot stirrers that bring on significant change through their sometimes seeming aggression.  Wise One’s are the darkest breed in the angelic spiritual Realm.  Their presence is darker, tougher and even more sinister than any of the other realms.  Wise Ones do not hold back and can be uncensoring at times.  They have foul mouths cursing and cussing like sailors, but yet teach and fight in the name of the Light.  Their personalities and demeanor comes off rougher around the edges than other folks.  Some of them are quite intimidating in the way that they carry themselves and appear.  Some are brawny and strong such as history’s soldiers at war.  There are the Wise Ones who might appear small, yet when you examine them closely you’ll notice their body is quite strong.

When in doubt, one of the best ways to determine who is a Wise One is in their eyes.  Their eyes are large, stunning, dark, intensely piercing and penetrating.  Many of them never get used to others gushing over the beauty of their eyes.  When some Wise Ones age in human years, they may develop significant lines under their eyes more than someone else might.  You see this in the wise image of a professor or teacher.   Do not be misled by the Wise Ones in human body who appear frail or ancient, as they are anything but delicate.

Wise Ones have a significant sized ego, but not quite as large as the Incarnated Elementals.  They are also critical and judgmental about most everything around them.  Generally the judgments are surrounding those that lack respect or are without proper etiquette.  It’s this kind of teaching toughness where no guff is allowed.   They have no problem flipping back and forth from keeping to themselves to working independently.   Hard work is a big deal for Wise Ones.  They at times have opinions that they know are gold while the rest are ignored.  To say they can be self-righteous at times is an understatement.  “It’s my way or the high way,” would be a Wise One talking.

The soul of a Wise One is an innate loner who fights and hunts.  They feel little to no shame or guilt in their actions or words even if it’s out of line.  They have a job to do and nothing will get in their way.  This personality trait is part of their soul make-up and exists while living in an Earthly life.

Wise Ones are awesome manifestors, spell casters, psychics and all knowing spirits in human bodies.  They will bring in and deny anything effortlessly depending on how they channel the energies.  Wise Ones could be a warlock or witch type.  They have a great fascination for Wicca.   They are attracted to and explore the dark arts.  They also have a special affinity to movies on magic, manifestation and sorcery.  This might be entertainment such as Harry Potter, American Horror Story: The Coven, Hocus Pocus, Sword and the Stone, or the Chronicle.  All Wise Ones on the other side use spell casting and magic.  This is regardless of what form they take and whether it is in the form of a Warlock, Knight, Witch, Wizard, High Priest or Priestess or Hunter.  This is the way things work on the other side even if they do not partake in it as a human soul.  A human soul would need to suspend disbelief to comprehend the ways the spirits move about on the other side.  Witch or warlock can be either male or female.  They incarnate from the Realm of the Wise One.  I fall into the breed of the Hunter.  Yet, the Hunter is still part of the tribe of the Wise Ones and has the same capabilities as the Warlock, Priest or any other element from the world of the Wise Ones. 

Wise Ones also come in the guises of Church leaders such as priests and ministers.  They’re also the task master professors in the education system.  They’re usually strict, brooding, serious, but boasting of love and compassion intertwined from within.  God forbid they show this!  When the Wise One speaks, he means business!  The Wise One can command an army of thousands, like Martin Luther King Jr. or stand on a concert stage in front of thousands in popular culture like Bono from the rock group U2.  The musicians that fall into the Wise One category are the ones that have higher purposes to help humanity in some way beyond the music.  Many of them tend to be the rockers while the pop stars of today are more of the Incarnated Elemental variety.

Tending to moodiness, being difficult and appearing with intense dark eyes, Wise Ones “know it all” and may not know how they do when you ask them.  Wise Ones incarnated from the other side are Claircognizant in a bigger way than others.  This is a sense of knowing the correct answers to something without any prior training.  They receive heavenly guidance effortlessly through their crown chakra above their mind.  They’re the ones that others go to for advice or assistance.  People learn to trust the Wise One as they are one of the most trustworthy people around, but just avoid getting on their bad side or rubbing them the wrong way.  Those ready to move to the next plateau spiritually in their soul’s growth find themselves attracted to a Wise One and take heed of their wisdom.  The lesser evolved or superficial souls may feel threatened by the Wise One or find them to be dull or on the boring side.  They may also find that they cannot relate to them socially or are intimidated by them. These are the human souls that are consumed by poor media and life choices.  They’re the ones prone to drama and gossip, which the Wise One shuts down and rarely resorts to.  The Wise One has a holier than thou stance in the presence of those less evolved.

The Wise Ones are used to attracting in people from all walks of life.  Many befriend them for their knowledge and what they can gain in that arena.  Some of those that latch onto the Wise One develop an immediate heightened delusion that they are close best friends with the Wise One, when in reality they are mere acquaintances.  Danger lies when a co-dependent human soul latches onto the Wise One for a friendship in order to simply dump their problems on them or impress them.  This is a forced and unbalanced friendship where the other person is using the Wise One to pour their drama issues onto them on a regular basis, or probe them for constant help and information.  The Wise One is usually hip to what is taking place and they know that this connection dynamic will eventually end.  They are so used to stepping in to assist others with their problems, that they must guard themselves that boundaries are not crossed and friendships are not forced with them.  Unlike the Incarnated Angels who will feel guilt and fear about cutting someone toxic out of there life, the Wise One doesn’t observe those feelings when removing a low vibration human soul from their vicinity.  The Wise One is easily irritated and rubbed the wrong way that flicking harsh energies off their shoulders is a regular occurrence. A Wise One needs to be careful on how they direct their energy, since it flows through them almost effortlessly.  It might cause upsetting situations in their lives for them, or for others, when they direct and channel this energy negatively. When someone doesn’t follow their lead, the Wise Ones are the souls that have the temper in the Spirit world.  They have to be careful how they channel this aggression since it will create a catastrophe when intertwined with their magic manifestation capabilities.  Both the Wise Ones and the Incarnated Elementals have the greater egos and temper than any of the other Realms.  However, the Wise Ones have the greater tempers while the Incarnated Elementals have the greater ego and demand for attention.  You would think they would go hand and hand, but they are quite different.

Wise Ones are close to and drawn to the Incarnated Elementals and vice versa.  The Incarnated Elementals are on the upbeat side and drawn to the serious leadership of the Wise Ones.  It is an interesting match of opposites attract.  You have the outgoing or childlike Elemental, with a darker, serious and withdrawn Wise One.  A great deal of my serious love relationships have been with Incarnated Elementals!  This goes without saying that some of my close friendships are with these out of sorts Elementals too.  The Wise Ones bring order and discipline to the Elementals, while the Elementals help the Wise Ones relax, lighten up and enjoy life a little.

Wise Ones are attracted to darker material and even entertainment or lifestyles.  It’s not uncommon for them to have experimented with everything under the sun including and even fallen into addictions with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex pursuits.  They might also be prone to self-medicating in other ways beyond this if they can get their hands on it.  They have no problem experimenting with all that life has to offer even if it’s harmful.  It subconsciously feeds their need to understand how something works. The colors within their soul are bright able to absorb the human experience more than any other.  The addictive behavior is there under the surface, but it’s not usually long lasting the way it would be with an Elemental indulging in their drink for an entire Earthly life.  When Wise Ones realize their calling, they immediately pull themselves up by their bootstraps and dive in like a confident soldier.  Wise Ones are the fighters, soldiers and hunters from the other side in the literal sense.  Some wear the knight armor, others wear the cloak, and some carry the bow and arrow (as described in the beginning of the book).  Wise Ones are the professors, the Saints, the leaders of change, the generals, sergeants, and soldier’s in the army and marines in the navy.  Because the Wise One’s often have to be right, they might be the defiant soldier or marine.  However, they are typically considered one of the best by those in charge, therefore it’s overlooked.  The Wise One has the stance that they have a job to do.  They have no need or desire to be micro managed.  With that said, most of them are entrusted with the bigger missions in combat by their superiors.

In fact some of the most notable Wise Ones are the popular Saints and Prophets in the world’s history.  People such as Saint Louis, who was already made King of France at the age of twelve.  He also got his hands dirty by going to battle with the other soldiers.  There was Saint Vladimir of Kiev in the 900 years A.D.  In the beginning of his rule he was considered someone with an ugly temper and did some horrible things such as human sacrifices and obtaining hundreds of concubines.  At one point he turned against paganism and went through a personal transformation that led him to be a “man of faith”.   His horrible reputation was quickly transformed and others began to refer to him as Vladimir the Great.   The history books are filled with Wise Ones who started out with a bad reputation and who are not exactly the friendliest people on the planet right off the bat, but they end up transforming into more of a spiritual calling and following.  Make no mistake that they did not necessarily change to being sweet as pie, but their fights and intense energy were transferred into more religious, spiritual and faith based fights.  Wise Ones who come in the guises of Popes and Bishops would be the one granting the Saint title to the Wise One individual who has made an impact towards humanity and history.

When a Wise One enters the room, others notice.  They will come off quiet, intense or with an air of superiority even though they’re not trying to convey that on purpose.  No one could pull off that act day after day until the end of their lifetime.  It is part of their innate nature.  It is how their energy light is on the other side.  Those who do not know them in a personal way will immediately assume that the Wise One is conceited or icy cold.  They may describe them to others by using an unpleasant curse word.  As one takes the time to befriend and get to know the Wise One, they will discover they have to put in some effort since Wise Ones do not become instant friends with anybody.  They have a protruding wall of distrust of others around them that must be scaled gradually over time before they open up.  The opening up takes awhile and even then you feel like you don’t really know them.  Their opening up will be in short bursts, before they become comfortable enough to pour endless words over someone. 

Those who initially had found the Wise One difficult and rough edged at the first encounter will notice a different side to them as they become closer.  They will realize they’ve made an error in judgment and that the Wise One is indeed one of the coolest and most loyal people they know.  They come to find that the Wise One is charismatic and warm when they’re called to engage in social situations and put on that politician energy.  Most of the Wise Ones personality is of a dark, depressed energy keeping to themselves.  This is not out of shyness, but out of disinterest in superficial small talk.  They dislike idle chit-chat and gossip and will rarely strike up a conversation out of the blue with someone in an elevator unless they’re asked a question.  In fact, they may step away from strangers in an elevator or anywhere for that matter.  They want the bullet points when someone is addressing them or in a meeting, but when you ask them a question, they will give you a novel of an answer.

A Wise One might be pushed into the role of giving speeches rallying up the masses with their work, but some of them are uncomfortable on a stage.  If this is the case, they may have other astrological influences that point to this.  There might also have been crucial incidents that happened within their upbringing and development of their current life as a human soul that resulted in a fear of the stage.  These things play a part within the Wise One who might be uncomfortable getting in front of the masses.  You must strip the soul of their human ego learning’s to get to the heart of their realm.  You’re looking at what they tend to exude overall.

Wise Ones often feel gypped that human souls have lied and caused so many preventable issues.  Mankind has turned others against spiritual belief concepts to no belief at all with great success!  This is one of the reasons Wise Ones incarnate.  They are not instructing and authoritative out of malice, but to correct the bully’s behavior.

Wise Ones either appear much older than their years or much younger than their years.  They rarely look exactly their age.  In fact, throughout most of their life they may comment that others come off shocked when they find out how old they truly are.  When I was 21, I looked like I was 12.  When I was 35, people thought I was 24 and in College.  The Wise Ones have an interesting appearance where there age is difficult to detect.  The Wise Ones who have always appeared much older than their years gives them the look of many lifetimes etched into their face.  Those who have always appeared younger than their human age have that elusive, mysterious quality of centuries gone by.  They fit the image of the vampire, which is another favorite mythological character of a Wise One.  If vampire, Count Dracula, were real he would be a Wise One.  He’s got the gothic darkness in him.  He’s got the romanticism in his search for love and the dangerous anger when crossed.

Although a Wise One may come out of hiding to rally up the masses when it’s called for, generally they are more on the reclusive side.  Wise Ones may be accused of being cynical.  This is someone who has distaste for the direction humankind has been going in.  The Wise Ones may appear misanthropic, but in truth they have exceedingly high expectations from human souls.  They see humanity as a whole has not got their act together after all of these centuries.  They're still fighting and demanding attention or paying attention to less important causes.  They believe humanity doesn’t have a high standard of professionalism and decorum in their day to day connections with other human beings.  Wise Ones are the taskmasters and disciplinarians after all and when a student defies their instructions, this will rise the Wise One into irritation.  They will more or less cast that soul out of their vicinity.  This makes them seem anti-social at times, yet they are far from it.  They simply direct and channel their energy towards those souls who are ready to listen.  They do not direct their energy towards anyone or anything that doesn’t need to be. 

This detached coolness can turn off, attract or repel other human souls.  Lower energies are uncomfortable with someone who is not like the others.  Wise Ones do not refuse conformity on purpose.  They have lived through so many lifetimes and in the Spirit World that most of that nature is engrained into their human soul. 

Where an Incarnated Angel may find it difficult to say “no” or will go out of their way to assist most anyone in need, the Wise One and the Incarnated Elementals with their ego expect others to work for it.  The Wise Ones specifically don't have a problem saying no, even if they did in adolescence.  Once they come into their own, if they hadn't at an early age, they will start asserting themselves.  Wise Ones have a fine tuned detector where they can immediately tell if someone is of honor or not within a minute or two.  I know very few Wise Ones who have actually had constant run-ins with someone of less integrity.  Usually the calls I get from being slighted by others on a regular basis come from other human souls, Incarnated Angels, Star people, and Elementals.

Wise Ones on the other side are the many that greet the soul who is crossing over from the Earth plane.  The soul has questions within them, which the Wise One on the other side answers.  Family and friends greet the departed soul on the other side.  It’s the Wise One who is there with them to chime in and answer the questions from the newly departed soul.  The Wise One helps them make amends for crimes they’ve committed on Earth, along with Archangel Jeremiel, and that soul’s Guide and Angel. 

When I asked why souls are tested at times.  My team said, “If we don’t test them, then how will they learn?”  This is much like when you go to school and have to take a test in order to gain knowledge.  Who do you think is executing these test orders?   Many come from the Realm of the Wise One. 

Wise Ones will have most of the traits discussed in this book if not all.  If you find that you fall into maybe half of the traits without question, then it’s possible you fall into one of the many blended realms that have some Wise One in them.  For instance, the Mystic Angel is half Wise One and half Incarnated Angel.

Available in paperback and E-Book wherever books are sold

Excerpt Sample


One warm afternoon in the Summer, I spent a couple of hours on the beach channeling messages from the other side.  This was material coming through my crown chakra that would later become the Realm of the Wise One book.  Standing at the foot of the ocean with my phone, I frantically typed the messages coming in using my right thumb.  This is one useful tool that technology provides and that is when using it to positively benefit others.  The Wise One perfectionist in me would scroll back into the notepad on the phone and start correcting and editing words here and there.  Luke, my main Spirit Guide shouted, "Edit later!  We're not done!"  I grumbled, shook it off, and stopped my perfectionist ways….temporarily anyway.

Channeling beyond fifteen minutes is already quite a bit!  I was wishing I had my computer as there was an abundant amount of information sifting into me all at once and without warning.  This isn’t surprising considering that I was hanging out in nature next to the detoxing ocean.  Nature is where the messages from Heaven come in clearer.  The ocean has the power to immediately lift off every stress cell that might exist within and around you.  Take big healthy breathes in when you head into nature.

Every time I was getting ready to leave the beach, my Spirit team would feed me more information.  I knew if I left prematurely that by the time I got home and settled in again to continue channeling, then the messages would be gone.  Moving into an altered state of consciousness in a channel is ever shifting.  By the time I would get home, who knows what state I'd be in to receive messages.  I must've thrown my phone into my bag a dozen times as I prepped to leave.  I'd start climbing the huge boulder rocks that sit in front of a small strip of sand that sits in front of the Pacific Ocean.  My trek up the rocks would begin as quickly as it ended.  My Spirit team would speak more words into my clairaudience channel.  I'd say, "Ugh, hang on.  Shoooot."  I'd climb back down again with great speed.  Quickly yanking the phone out of my bag I began typing again in this stream of consciousness.  I usually have a little notepad with me, but on this particular day I discovered that I forgot to bring it. 

After doing this procedure of attempting to leave the beach a couple of times, I learned my lesson to not go anywhere.  Just sit tight and relax for awhile.  Instead, I paced back and forth around the same spot in front of the ocean like a panther.  I'm holding my phone with one hand and mumbling my team's words and images as I typed as fast as I could.  To those few people that passed by, I must've looked mad and insane.  I certainly won’t stop when I'm in the zone.  Luckily, they didn't seem to flinch or be bothered, but were more curious and drawn in.  They hung around me for awhile and remained quiet as they absorbed the warmth of the energy light that had risen and grown around me.

Channeling is an odd combination of using energy that drains while uplifting and overwhelms at the same time.  This process sometimes takes months to fall into the right frequency.  To go back home and be on my Spirit teams frequency while merging beautifully with them is always uplifting and fun, but takes a little work to get there and be in it.  Then when I come back from that space, I more or less collapse wherever I happen to be.  I have to bring my energy levels back up again.  It's a strange euphoric kind of feeling.  

        In the Spirit World, there are nearly a dozen dimensions.  These dimensions house different families of spirits.  The families might consist of angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, saints, ascended masters or archangels.  There are also various spirits in different forms who come from a variety of different “Realms” that exist on the other side.  In, “Realm of the Wise One”, I discuss the Wise Ones on the other side as well as those who have incarnated into a human body.  This is a realm I know quite a bit about since I have incarnated from the Realm of the Wise One.  It’s always fun to go back home.  This book is for all Wise Ones and those who personally know a Wise One.  It is also for anyone looking to gain additional knowledge surrounding behavior patterns and purposes of some of the souls that surround you as Wise Ones.

My Spirit team has shared with me where I come from on numerous occasions throughout the course of my human life.  They’ve shown me what my home is like, where I come from, who I really am in truth beyond this life, and a glimpse of my soul back home where I reside.  Other Wise Ones and those from some of the various Realms may sense familiarity, while others might fall into skepticism.  The Realm of the Wise One requires some suspension of disbelief for those hardened, jaded and practical human souls who are not used to being connected with the other side.  We are travelling into the Spirit World or what some call Heaven.  Therefore, you will know that it is nothing like the density ticking time bomb of planet Earth.

In the first chapter, I take you to the Spirit World where the Wise Ones reside.  I describe the visuals of what it’s like.  It is also the longest chapter, so you’ll need to exercise patience while keeping an open mind.  It may feel much like a cartoon or something from a movie not yet made.  In the second and third chapter, we dive into why those from a Realm incarnate on Earth as well as some of the core Realms.  From Chapter Four through the rest of the book, we discuss in great length all things Wise Ones in human form.  We’ll cover an abundant amount of information surrounding their personalities, behavior patterns, purposes and much more.  It is important to first start off by describing who the Wise Ones are and where they come from in the next dimension, before moving into the Wise Ones around you on Earth.  You may even be a Wise One yourself!  There are books on the market that feature chapters or information surrounding the Wise One, but this is the first book devoted solely to the Realm of the Wise One.

Travel with me now to the magical world of the Wise Ones.  Remember to keep an open mind and heart in learning how to recognize those human souls around you who are indeed from the Realm of the Wise One......